Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New House

One of the super fun things about moving, is getting a new house!

We LOVE our new house.  But it needed some love.  :)

As much as I love yellow, in McKinley's new big girl room.. I do NOT love yellow on the outside of a house (or this house.. if your house is yellow on the outside, I am sure it is beautiful).  And the pillars were just a tad too dainty, for our taste. 

I was a tad intimidated though.. I had never painted the outside of a house before.  After discussing colors with friends, and my cousin (who works for Chip and Joanna of Fixer Upper)... I had some ideas in my head.  It took purchasing eight samples before deciding what color.  My aunt actually was the winner of the color selection.  :)

I actually went to Dallas with my sister in law, and when I came home everything was done.  Craig got a TON of bonus points!  We painted the siding, wrapped the columns in cedar and stained them.  We made and stained shutters ( I love the dimension that they add to the house).  We changed out all the lights.  I LOVED the Restoration Hardware barn lights, but did not like the $300 per light price tag... so I found some that looked very similar at Lowes, and spray painted them.  I love the way that they turned out. And finally we painted the door a mustard yellow (waaaaaay out of my comfort zone), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the end result.  Its our little country house that is a bit more updated.  We still need to do some major work on the landscaping.. but its going to have to cool off for me to have patience for that.  :)

And finally, a few pictures of my photo helper!  Isnt she pretty? 


Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

Love it all! We want to build
Those shutters for our house, I may be texting you about this!!