Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Havent Blogged in Forever!

I have not blogged in FOREVER!

I have much to catch up on!  But the biggest news is that we have MOVED.  God has worked in really huge ways and opened up an incredible opportunity for our family.  Everything happened pretty quickly and seamlessly, so our world has been a bit of a whirlwind.  But we are living in Arkansas, making our house a home, and making really wonderful new friends!  So, in a world of excuses... that is mine for my hiatus in blogging! 

My parents came in to visit for McKinley and my birthday weekends, so I need to blog about that.. especially McKinley's party! 

But for now, I leave you with a few little pictures of our life the past month or so!

These happy faces have been a HUGE answer to prayer.  The transition to a new state, and a new home has been seamless for the kids.  Jackson and McKinley love our new home, love our new church and love our new friends.  God has been so good to us!

I have had the opportunity to stay at home with the kids during this season, which is a blessing.  I, definitely enjoyed working for my brother in law in Oklahoma, and was honestly not sure how staying home all day every day was going to be.  I do enjoy my adult time.  But, it has been so wonderful.  I, honestly, think it has made everyone happier. I am less rushed and "busy", so the kids have been more relaxed in general.  Our friends live on a bluff that overlooks the Arkansas River, it is BEAUTIFUL... they have been so generous to have us over to swim some this summer.  We love it!  The kids will start swim lessons next week.  I know they need to learn how to swim, but I sure do enjoy the puddle jumpers.  :)
I was so good at putting sunscreen on the kids, but I kind of forgot about me!  McKinley was not a fan of my peeling shoulders.  (I think she is so pretty!)

We play hard, and sleep hard too!!!  Sweet Jackson's bed is a bit different than we had it in Oklahoma.  A couple of weeks after we got here, he was using his Pottery Barn chair as a "ladder" to get up on his bed, and fell back off of it and his head square on the corner of his dresser.  It made a horrible noise.  I rushed into his room, grabbed him, automatically put my hand on the back of his head to feel blood.  (Please remember my reaction to blood and traumatic situations in general).  I quickly put a towel on his head and found my cell phone.  I called Craig to tell him to get home. 

You know when you are in traumatic situations, your thought processes do not always make sense... well... I thought Jackson needed to lay flat so that maybe it would slow down the blood... since it was the back of his head, I made him lay flat on his belly on the kitchen floor.  I laid next to him on the kitchen floor on my belly to apply pressure on his head with the towel.  So thats how Craig found us when he got home.. both of us on our faces on the kitchen floor with McKinley and Belle standing next to us.  Funny now that we have all survived.  :)

Thankfully we live less than a mile from a hospital, so it took us no time to get there.  The only thing... since we were so new, I had no idea what the reputation was of the hospital that we went to.  I just prayed he didnt get staph.  He ended up needing 5 staples, so he got his head pretty good. 

It has honestly been a fear of Craig and I's, that Jackson get seriously injured.  He doesnt do well with doctors, and he is just so sensitive (especially on his head... remember hair cuts), so this was basically the worst case scenario.  But Jackson did SO SO well.  Obviously he was not a fan of them messing with his head.  But he was so sweet and calm.  We were very very proud of him!!!

So thats my little update! I will blog more again soon!  Promise.  :)