Wednesday, May 14, 2014


This picture was taken on the day of McKinley's surgery.  She was watching a video her cousin, Merritt, sent her.  It made her so very happy.  It was definitely the highlight of McKinley's long morning of waiting. 

But this picture also so captures the feeling that my family is feeling tonight, as we end our day.  We got the call from Dr. Berryhill's nurse, Blake, that McKinley's pathology reports came in.  And they were all normal.  PRAISE THE LORD!

My mommy instinct led me to believe that all was going to be alright.  And I prayed that my instinct was correct.  In my waiting, I was curious.  I googled "lymphoma of the tonsil".  As Dr. Berryhill, and my ENT resident friends suggested, it is extremely rare.  However, it CAN be caused by genetic and chromosomal abnormalities.  Which I am assuming is why Dr. Berryhill wanted to be ultra-safe.. knowing McKinley's background. 

I also googled "one tonsil"... I could not find anything.  Rare.  My little angel just keeps showing us how unique God made her. 

With the very wonderful news we heard today, I also realize how many parents got the opposite phone call today. Our lives have been touched by numerous families in the past year who have watched their way too young children fight cancer.  Some have won the fight on Earth, and others fought hard on Earth and are celebrating in heaven now.  I do not take lightly the news, we received today.  I know that God has chosen to bless McKinley with good health now, and we can not, for one second take that for granted. 

McKinley's health from week 16 has been on the forefront of our mind.  We dont always get "everything looks great" reports.  And thats ok.  As I have said many many times before, in our good reports, our ok reports and even our bad ones... we so clearly see God's hand in our daughters life.  We are humbled to be chosen to be her parents.  We will continue to lay the life of our daughter in the hands of our Lord, who has a much bigger and better plan for her, than we could ever imagine.  And on Earth, we continue to find the best medical professionals that can help McKinley when needs arise. 

This was another eye opening experience for us.  And our lives won't  be the same.  We will go to bed praising Him for a great, healthy report for McKinley today.  And at the same time, will pray hard for all the parents who heard the opposite news today, and are embarking on a journey filled with many unknowns.

Thank you for the prayers, friends.  We felt them!


Stephanie Johnson said...

Wonderful news!

Kerri Taliaferro said...

Amazing! So wonderful. The best words you can possibly hear. Thank you Lord!