Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tooth Fairy

Jackson has had a couple of very loose teeth lately.  It seems very crazy to me, that he already can be losing teeth.  But, that was the reality.  We started talking to him about what happens when you lose your teeth.  At first he was tentative about the tooth fairy coming to his house.  But perked up when I told him the tooth fairy brings him money for his teeth.  He said "OH!  5 monies?" to which I replied, probably more like $1 per tooth.  He then said "Oh, OK!  10 monies"

When I was a child, tooth loosing was very traumatic for me.  I would feel the hole left by the tooth with my tongue and I would pass out.  It just was too gross for me.  So when Jackson would come up and wiggle his tooth, my stomach would just drop to my feet.  I was alittle worried that since he has shown tendancies with sensory issues, that this could be a problem with him.  
But it was anything BUT traumatic for him.  He thought it was SO COOL!  It came out when he was alone in his room, and settling down to go to sleep.  When Craig went in to check on him, he probably showed him his toothless smile.   It was very exciting.  So exciting, that we still do not know where the tooth is.  :)
We went to the dining room, and wrote the Tooth Fairy a little note of explanation, of why she was getting a popcorn kernal, and not a tooth.  :)

The next morning, Jackson found 4 quarters (the tooth fairy was clearly not prepared with cash for this occasion), and a little note of encouragement.  :)

It was a special night!  He is still over the moon excited.  This morning, in his Sunday School class, they were going around the room telling about the best part of their week last week... to which he showed his whole class where he lost his tooth!!!!

He is GROWING UP!!!!