Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Phone Dump- Jackson Style

Jackson's update will be a tad shorter.  Simply because he does not like pictures (often).  So, most of the pictures I had of him on my phone was of him sleeping.  And he does ALOT more than just sleep.  :)

After our super fun holiday, Jackson and I both got the flu.  Well, we arent actually sure that it was the flu, we did not go to the doctor, but our bodies felt like death and we had this ridiculous yucky cough, so we treated it as the flu.  For our sweet boy, the tiredness just lingered.  He fell asleep a couple of times just randomly throughout the day at school.

The most exciting thing happened too! Jackson started going to occupational therapy once a week.  We got him evaluated for Sensory Processing Disorder..which it doesnt seem he has.  However, he does have some obvious sensory issues and is lacking in some fine motor skills.. so he still qualified for therapy.   We were SO HAPPY!  He has a great therapist.  Jackson seems to really like her. And he loves the gym that he gets to play in after therapy.  Ms. Jessica and Jackson are still getting to know each other, but I am excited to see how this helps!
Before our crazy winter weather decided to arrive, we had some beautiful temperatures in January.  Jackson exaggerated the season a tad, by insisting on wearing his bathing suits to play trains on the back patio.  Doesnt he just look like such a big boy here?!  He is back on a Thomas the Train kick.  He has a great imagination, and has lots of different scenarios for his trains.  I love it. 

We love our sweet ALMOST FIVE YEAR OLD!!  (Ummmm how do I have a 5 year old?!?!?!?!)