Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Phone Dump- McKinley Style

In effort to get caught up.... I am pretty sure I have started many of my last blogs like that... Im the worst.  I have gotten out of the habit of blogging, so it just doesnt get done.  Which is a horrible excuse.. considering this is what my kiddos will have to look back at, to reflect on their childhood.  :)

This update will focus on McKinley, and then (hopefully) later this week, I will get Jackson's done.

Now that Craig does not work weekends, it allows for McKinley and I to go "shopping" together on Saturday mornings.  She loves it, and feels so big.  So big, she often times prefers to be walking instead of riding.. which makes things a tad more difficult.
Jackson and McKinley were playing with stickers, and she came up to me to show me her "bandaid", she had placed it right over her omphalocele scar.  Sweet sweet girl.

Uncle Kurt and Aunt Amy gave her this fun toy for Christmas.  She loves it, although she doesn't totally understand the concepts, like steering completely.  :)  If something gets in her way, she believes if she just continues to hold down the accelerator, it will move for her.  This includes our brick house.
January 31st, was Omphalocele Awareness Day.  I have spoken on this blog so many times, how hearing the word "omphalocele"  for the first time 3 years ago, completely changed our lives.  Craig and I continue to pray that more research will be done.  And more awareness will be raised, so more babies diagnosed with omphaloceles will be given the opportunity to fight.
We have had several snow days recently.  This was one.  Because dont you like to stroll your baby in just your panties with snow on the ground?!
Last week, we had to take the front of McKinley's crib off.  So she has freedom.  With Jackson, we felt the need to make the transition to toddler bed, before McKinley was born... he also pushed that time line up, because he was constantly climbing out.  Well, I thought we were safe with McKinley.  She had not shown much interest in climbing out.  I figured we would keep her confined until we were ready to night time potty train her.  Well, of course, she had different plans.  She decided she would climb out, exit her room, look straight into Craig and I's eyes and proceed to walk to the big chair in our living room.. like saying "what are you going to do now".  We were hoping it was a one time event, but it wasnt.  So, we decided we would rather take the front of her crib off, than risk a broken bone.  She was MAD when we took off the front. But has adjusted well.
She had her ear appointment last week.  It went well.  Dr. Berryhill thinks it is time for us to seriously consider a bone conduction hearing device for her.  Basically, it is an "aide" that goes on a soft headband. The aide will rest behind her ear and basically help send sound waves to her brain.  (This is my non medical terms).  There is no surgery that has to take place. And the hope would be that it will improve her speech.  I think I would be able to make the headband cute, and I really think that she would like it just because she will be able to hear that much better.  We have to make an appointment for a consultation, and then see how much/ if at all insurance will pay.
Another picture without her shirt on... this girl is something else.  She is very particular about what she has on.. and alot of times it is not much.  But we do normally have on some type of accessories.  Its a wonder that she keeps her clothes on all day at school.

Friday night, Craig and I were going out with some of our friends, so we got the kids in pjs alittle early.  And McKinley felt the need to wear her winter hat.  She was very proud.
Ms. Christie sent these pictures yesterday. It represents how our children are so different while sleeping.  It also represents why we are scared to death to put McKinley in a big bed bed.  She is all over the place.

We sure love our McKinley Beth.  :)