Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10 Year OBU Reunion

So, I graduated from college TEN YEARS ago.  

On one hand, it seems like it was just yesterday that I was living with all my friends, and the biggest stresses of our life was when our next paper/project was due.  And on the other hand, A.L.O.T has happened in those ten years, so it kind of makes perfect sense.  

We are old. 

My years at OBU were special.  The friends that I made there, will forever be some of my very closest friendships.  I have memories from those years that will last forever.  We had a pretty large friend group- and alot of people were coming in town for the weekend.  We decided that the breakfast on Saturday was just not going to be enough time to catch up.  So, everyone came over to our house on Friday night.  We catered Teds and spent hours catching up. It was fantastic.  My house was filled with so many people I love!!  

We had the opportunity to celebrate with our dear friend, Becca.  She has been fostering 2 teenage boys the past year, and her adoption was finally final last Thursday.  We are so excited for their forever family!!!!
The kids had fun in the playroom and in the back yard.  No amount of wind could keep them off the bounce house.  :)  We covered our patio table with builders paper, so they could color!  And of course, they had to make time for cookie cake.  (Our son made three outfit changes throughout the night.. regular clothes, pirate and spiderman)

Saturday, Craig and I took Jackson over to his Honey and Papa's so we could spend the day on Bison Hill! (McKinley had spent the night, because she goes to bed so early, we didnt want anyone to feel like they had to be quiet, if she fell asleep!)

First up was the class breakfast.  It was fun to see everyone who had come in town.  
We had decided that it would be fun to take some pictures around campus, 10 years later. I contacted, Monica Mullins to see if there was a student that she could recommend, that was maybe starting out in photography that would want to make alittle money and take some fun pictures. She recommended a freshman girl, Madison.  She was fantastic!  We appreciated her spending some of her morning with us.  I will always cherish these fun pics with my OBU besties.  (We missed you, Dara and Amanda)

We ended the day at OBU with Kurt and Amy, watching the Bison play some football. It was a beautiful day!
Finally, that evening, a few of us girls, had dinner at Whiskey Cakes.  It is just such a blessing to have such sweet girl friends to spend time with.  Just wish we were all together more often!
Cant wait to see where we are in another 10 years.  ZIP BANG OBU!