Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Party

I took my "lunch" at the end of the day yesterday, so that I could go to Jackson's Thanksgiving party at school.  CLEARLY, he was pumped and ready to participate in the festivities.  It was more like, he had just taken one of the best naps of his life, and was mad at the world for having to wake up.

Soooooooo..... I held him while the rest of his class read a couple of fun stories, sang a couple of cute songs, and made a turkey craft.  They let McKinley come in from her class, so she participated some..while making sure she was providing people with tissues, when she thought their noses might be running.  She sat in another mothers lap and played with her hair.  :)  McKinley did answer she was thankful for her "momma" when asked.

Jackson perked up just in time for some pumpkin bread and juice boxes.  And then he declared, it was time to "go on home"

Happy Thanksgiving from Jackson.  :)