Monday, September 30, 2013

A Much Needed Update

Wow. I have been a slacker.  I havent blogged since Labor Day!  Life is just busy.  Craig works looooooong days during the week, but it is such a blessing to have him home on the weekends!  We are still getting used to our new routine.  But here are some of the events of the last month- in picture form!  :)

They had grandparents day at the kids school.  Honey drove to Norman to hear Jackson's class sing a song with Mr. Brian.  Jackson did not want to participate (which we fully expected), even though music is his ABSOLUTE favorite at school!  But I know Jackson LOVED that Honey was able to come to school with him.
After a month or so with little to no rainfall.. the skys opened one afternoon.  Like seriously opened (like over 2 inches in a 30 minute time period.. or something crazy like that)... Looking out the window was not good enough for this sweet boy.  The rain just called for him to strip to undies and run and play in it.  He had the best time, until it started lightening and we had to come inside.  :)

We have had some good snuggle time!
We have done alittle decorating for fall!
We have taken some really awesome naps!
We got a STORM SHELTER installed.  HALLELUJAH!  It was like Christmas morning (literally.. these things are not cheap!)  It seems that every time a tornado is headed our way.. Craig is working.. and I am the only adult in charge of our children's lives.  That is seriously stressful.  And although our new house has a better closet, than our Newcastle house, it still isnt ideal.  And I feel like these suckers just keep getting stronger, so I am glad we can be underground now.  PLUS, my dad is often out of town when these storms roll through and my mom does not keep as in tune with the weather, as I would like for her to.. so we have a spot for my parents as well. :)
Halloween costumes came in!  And he just couldnt stand his excitement.. he had to put it on immediately!
Our sweet Jackson's face got all scratched by one of his friends at school.  Did you know preschoolers LOVE them some book fair catalogs?! Well, I didnt.  But they do.  And if you do not share the catalog, your face might just get scratched up!  :(  Poor guy!  (He's fine... I am just glad he was the one not scratching.. I realize it could have been a reverse scenario!)

And although the calendar says it is fall, Oklahoma temps havent quite decided that it wants to be fall.  We are having cool mornings and warm afternoons, which make for difficult wardrobe decisions for the kids.  But McKinley has been able to sneak in some of her new fall/winter clothes.  I love new seasons that come with new clothes to play dress up in.  :)

I will work on being more diligent on documentation.. hopefully it wont be another month!  :)