Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We had THE BEST Labor Day weekend.  Have I mentioned that I L.O.V.E. that my husband has weekends off again.  Its so nice. 

Friday night, one of our favorite babysitters came over and watched Jackson and McKinley, so Craig and I could take my parents to dinner.  We had all had an emotional stressful week.. so it was a nice way to de-stress.  Plus, my parents do ALOT for us, so it was nice to be able to do something to thank them.  Our babysitter took the above picture.. hilarious.  Jackson was just doing some light reading in sweats.  I think he is as ready for fall, as I am.

Saturday, we all got on our game day gear.  I dont think I ever really thought we would be putting on OBU shirts for FOOTBALL season.. but Saturday was the first OBU football game in 73 years!!!  It was very exciting.  Strange.  But exciting.  The company that I work for, are corporate sponsors.. so Craig and I were able to go. 

We went over to some dear friends home for lunch before the game.  We dont get to see them every week anymore, like we used to.  So it was a great time to catch up!  We are thankful for the Paces!
The game was HOT.  Like the hottest day of the summer.  And for whatever reason, they scheduled kickoff for 1:30 pm.  Its not like we are fighting for a TV spot.. I say a 10:30 am kick off for the games early in the season.  :)  They can't do evening games, because they dont have lights.  Regardless, we had fun for the first half.  Our team seems to be pretty good.  We look forward to cheering on many more Bison football (and basketball) games. 
After the game, we headed over to Mom and Dad's to grill and watch the OU football game.  Ward, Reese, and Merritt came too.  Meaning, my kids were in heaven. 
Sunday, Craig preached at his friend's church, and then we went to lunch with our friends at Qdoba.  We all rested that afternoon and then played outside.  Now that McKinley is potty training (ish), it is very difficult to keep her clothed.  We had to talk her into a pull up to go play outside.  We did not have to talk her into her bracelets.  Even naked, she likes to accessorize.  Not much longer after this picture.. the diaper was off.  Seriously...

Monday, Craig grilled his famous fajitas.  So my parents came over for lunch.  We all had a great time!  The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the week.. laundry, making and freezing breakfast sandwiches, etc.  Monday, Jackson also had a couple of REALLY wierd episodes.  They really scared Craig and I.  Around nap time, he became inconsolable.  He was crying very hard and telling us his head hurt.  He would grimace in pain.  He let me put a cold wet washcloth on his head (which he feels about cold wet wash cloths, like he feels about bandaids.. HATES them).  So I knew the pain was for real.  Well, then he threw up.  We kind of thought he had just worked himself up.  He fell asleep and woke up from his nap acting normal.  He played and ate dinner and then around dinner, it happened again.  After he threw up the 2nd time, we decided we needed to take him to the doctor.  But of course, the kids after hours place was closed because of Labor Day.  I ended up talking to our pediatrician, and she told us to just watch him.  Since he didnt have a fever, and had been acting fine the majority of the day... she thought we would be ok to watch him. I woke up several times during the night to check on him.  And he was sleeping soundly.  He woke up a bit groggy.  But after rest time yesterday afternoon he was totally better.  We are still not sure what happened... but I did find a small bump/bruise on his head right where he had been complaining of it hurting.  Regardless, it was terrifying.  And I am so thankful that he is fine now!!

Overall, a very wonderful Labor Day weekend!