Thursday, May 2, 2013


Yesterday, McKinley had her 6 month otology appointment.  She had her hearing tests and she passed with flying colors in her good ear.  The audiologist was even able to do the "piano" test, and McKinley passed!  The tube is still there and is open.  So it is doing everything that we need it to do!!

When we met with Dr. Berryhill and his PA, they were both pleased with McKinley.  In fact, for the first time I ever, I heard these words come out of Dr. Berryhill's mouth. "I dont think we need to do anything at this point.. lets just keep doing what we are doing."  Which what we are doing now, consists of speech therapy with Sooner Start, and putting drops in her ears when they start draining.  :)

The PA asked a question before Dr. Berryhill came in... "so have you guys discussed reconstruction?"  A very valid question.  A topic that many people have spoken with us about.  Obviously, medical professionals have to give you all options.  Which I appreciate (eventually).  In McKinley's case, they can reconstruct the ear, but it will not look like her other ear.  It will look like a reconstructed ear.  Or we can do a prosthetic ear.  Or we can do nothing.

For Craig and I, making a decision like this is not easy.  First of all, McKinley is absolutely perfect.  The size of her ear or lack of canal does not change that.  We think McKinley is absolutely beautiful.  Again, the size of her ear (or the flatness of her belly button does not change that).  Her underdeveloped ear is small.  BUT it grows, just like her other ear.  And the way her hair is forced to part, it completely covers her underdeveloped ear.  So, if it was just up to my desires.. we would do nothing.  I would prefer to not put her through additional surgeries that are unnecessary.  My desire is to raise McKinley to be confident.  Not to be focused on what others could see as a physical imperfection.  For her to know and truly understand that God created her to be unique and special and absolute perfect.  I desire McKinley to have such a beautiful, compassionate heart that others are drawn to her, not because of any physical attribute but because of her heart for Jesus.  Thats MY desire as her mom.  BUT, we have to take into account what she could want in the future, as well. 

SO, since we dont HAVE to make a decision for 3-4 more years.. Craig and I will continue to pray for wisdom, so we will have no doubt what our decision should be when the time comes.  :)  In the mean time, I am going to be thanking God for McKinley's passed hearing tests!!!!


Emily said...

You have such a GREAT perspective on your sweet, beautiful girl!

KillerB said...

Yaaaaay! What wonderful news!