Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seaside, Florida

Craig and I had the opportunity for a long weekend in Seaside, Florida!  It was FANTASTIC.  One of Craig's former students, who he has remained really good friends with, got married.  Craig performed the ceremony, so we spent the weekend celebrating Trey and Lauren.  They are a perfect couple, and we are so thankful that we were able to be a part of their big day!

Craig and I had an EARLY flight.  Like 6 am, early.  Meaning, we got up WAAAAY early.  See those circles under our eyes... but super excited smiles on our faces.  This was our first time away together without our children, since McKinley was born.  I had zero expectations for the trip.. other than to be totally relaxed.  :)

After an hour delay in Houston, because of bad weather in Dallas (?), we finally landed in Panama City Beach.  We found this super cute mexican restaurant on Seacrest Beach (near Rosemary Beach).  The service was awesome, and the food was DELICIOUS! 
We drove into Seaside, got checked into our house, and immediately walked down to the beach.  It was a bit chilly, and cloudy, but still absolute perfection.  There is something about a beach, that automatically makes you relax.  I really think its my favorite place ever.  That evening, we just hung out with Trey and Lauren a bit, had dinner together at a little place in town.  And drove back to the airport to pick up our friend, Ben. 

Saturday, we slept in, got ready and went to Great Southern, a restaurant in town, that several friends recommended we go.  My friend, Mike, commented on a Seaside picture on instragram and said "Great Southern, Grits a YaYa, you're welcome".  So, of course we had to try the Grits A YaYa, and they did not disappoint.  So so good!!
After breakfast, we all changed and went down to the beach.  It was sunny for approximately 3 minutes and then it got cloudy, SUPER windy and a bit chilly.. but we tried to stick it out for as long as we could! 
It was Craig and I's 5th anniversary!!!  A pretty fantastic place to celebrate, I'd say!

We stayed on the beach, until we just couldnt take it anymore!  We went back to the house and hung out and laughed alot!
Friday night was the rehearsal in the pretty chapel in Seaside.  It was lovely.
Then we had the rehearsal dinner at Bud and Aly's Pizza Bar.  We really had a fun time catching up, and laughing really. really hard.  There were even moments where we were laughing so hard, there were tears.  Funny funny people!
My Aunt Judy and Uncle Jerry drove in from Baton Rouge to stay with their friends in Destin, since we were going to be so close!  It was such a treat, we met them for lunch at the Santa Rosa Beach Country Club's restuarant, called the Vue.  The food was good, but the view was AMAZING.  Saturday was a gorgeous day and the water was so much calmer than previous days.  We loved catching up with them.  It was SO SO nice that they drove down to see us! 

That evening was the wedding.  It was perfect!  Lauren looked beautiful and Trey looked like he was on Cloud 9. 

The reception was SO fun!  They had lawn games for everyone to play.  The decor was FANTASTIC.  So so so so pretty.  Gorgeous flowers, fun light fixtures, sequiny table cloths.  Seriously fantastic.  The food was incredible!  After everyone ate, and all the pictures were taken at the beach, a dance party broke out.  :)  Again, we laughed hard and had so much fun dancing.  They had alot of kids at the wedding, and I was thoroughly impressed with their dancing skills.  It made me excited for when Jackson and McKinley think its fun to get out and dance with everyone.  Craig and I were able to catch up with a few precious people from Hot Springs.  We both really miss the people of the church in Hot Springs.  Really really wonderful people. 

Thanks Trey and Lauren for including us in your fun wedding weekend!  Looking forward to many many more years of friendship!