Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dress Up, Potty Training and Meeting New Friends

McKinley is all girl.  She has shown a preference into what she is wearing for a while now.  Sometimes, I am not really sure why she is so insistent on some things.. but she is.  For instance.  She is REALLY into onesies right now.  And we really dont have that many onesies that fit her.  So once we find one that fits her, she has to have on pants.  She put this little outfit together on Friday evening.  The pants are size 3 months.  :)  They are definitely capri length now.  I thought she would be happy, but then heard her sobbing in her bedroom.  She was trying to reach her bows that are hung on her wall.  She needed her outfit, to be complete. Obviously.

And then, we slowly started the potty training adventure with her on Saturday.  The Easter Bunny brought her some little panties.  The smallest size they make is 2T.  She still fits in size 3 month pants.  :)  SO... we had to safety pin her underwear... which works for now. 

It is already POLAR OPPOSITE than training Jackson.  Not that she is necessarily grasping the concept (we had zero successes), but within the first 3 minutes of having her first pair on, she had an accident.  And it made her SO upset.  She slowly lifted her leg, started crying, ran to the kitchen, got a towel to clean up the mess.  She just wanted me to hold her.  I think she thought she might get in trouble.  Sweet girl.  Jackson was TOTALLY fine with peeing on himself.. did not slow him down at all.  And he definitely wouldnt have even thought about cleaning it up. 

Another difference, McKinley was totally good with just sitting on the potty.  We did alot of singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider"  This little girl loves some song singing with hand motions.  And cheering.  We must cheer at appropriate times.  :)

We have a long journey ahead of us with this potty training, but I dont think itll be as long as Jackson's potty training journey.  At least, I pray not. 

Sunday evening- we had some new friends over for dessert.  Someone from our old church contacted me about one of their friends, who has started walking a journey (again) very similar to McKinley's.  I am not going to go into their story (its theirs to share), but we are just SO VERY thankful that we get to walk this journey with them.  Our hope was that we could provide them with some knowledge that we gained through the experience, including doctors names that we believe in and trust fully.  And while, I think we were able to provide some hope in our words, I think McKinley provided the most of all.  For them to see, such a perfect little girl, who is in all accounts healthy, was such a good thing.  McKinley LOVED them.  She immediately gravitated to our new friends and loved on them.  We were able to show them her precious belly button (scar), and they were amazed.  It IS amazing.  God has done so much in our daughters life, and really in our lives, through McKinley's journey.. we want to be able to share it!  We want to be able to encourage and provide hope to other people walking similar roads.  We cant wait to meet their new baby boy!  McKinley will be ready to love on her new friend!!!