Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

We had such a GREAT Mother's Day weekend!  I think Craig's work gave me the best Mother's Day present of all- by letting their sales execs have Sunday off!  W.A.H.O.O!!!!!!!!

We got up on Sunday morning and got ready for church.  Only McKinley would take a posed picture with me.  :)  Jackson was too busy playing with his Thomas... priorities you know.  We decided to only stay for church.. since we rarely get a WHOLE DAY together.  We got home and Craig made a tasty brunch and McKinley laid down for a nap.  I'm not a big gift person, especially when there is so much that I still want to do to our new house.  I'd much prefer Craig buy us a gallon of paint to paint Jacksons room, then buy me something that is fun.. but I just dont need.  :)  SO, I told him for Mothers Day.. I would love for us to get Jackson's room painted and get my van really clean.  We havent gotten Jackson's room painted, because we need Honey and Papa to have a slumber party with him so we can get it done without help from our sweet 4 year old.  But Craig and Jackson took my car to get it washed and cleaned out really good on Sunday afternoon, while I got to take a nap!!  Pretty fantastic! 

After naps, we played outside and finally I was able to get a picture with both of my kids AT THE SAME TIME.  Its not perfect, but pretty representative of our life... constant motion.  :)

My parents, Ward, Reese and Baby Merritt came over for dinner.  Craig grilled fajitas, which is my absolute favorite meal that he makes.  He did such a great job, and everyone loved it.  I had made homemade key lime pie ice cream for dessert.  McKinley was in total show off mode and had us laughing all night.  Jackson was mesmerized with sweet Merritt.  We have ALOT of love in our family for that little girl. I can not wait til she can run around with them- they are going to have the best time!!

I sure am thankful for Jackson and McKinley and the opportunity they have given me to be a mom.  I am far far from perfect, but strive everyday to be the best mom I can.  :)  One thing is for sure, I am pretty positive that I could not love them more if I tried.. they are basically the best. 


KillerB said...

So glad you got to have such a fun day with your family -- I'm the same way when it comes to gifts, by the way, I think the gallon of paint was a GREAT idea!