Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I still need to blog about our crazy, heartbreaking week in Oklahoma.. but first I am going to share a few pictures from our Memorial Day weekend.  It started out much like every weekend, but ended perfectly since Craig was able to have Monday off.. we were able to have a great family day!

Sunday morning, the kids wore their red, white and blue to church.  :) 

During Jackson and McKinley's AWESOME Sunday afternoon naps, I started painting the kids bathroom.  It is one of the many projects that I want completed by McKinley's birthday party... Craig is thrilled.  And I know that the guests at McKinley's party dont care if all of our painting and projects are done.. but it is a good goal for us!  Afterwards, we worked on potty training.  McKinley LOVES sitting on the potty.  And she LOVES toilet paper.  So much so that we have to limit to one square until she actually GOES to the potty on the potty.  :)

Monday, after a great morning at home, and after nap time, we went over for a cook out at mom and dad's house.  They set up the little pool and water table out in their front yard,  because the grill was in the back yard.  Yes, Jackson is in clothes... in fact his shorts are on backwards and so is his shirt.  He changed clothes during the course of nap time.  :)  And was not interested in putting on his swimsuit (STRANGE, right?!?  the kid wouldnt take it off during the winter months).  We had a bit of a dramatic scene as we were loading up the van to head to Honey and Papas.. somehow Jacksons hand got stuck in the van door.  I had vivid memories and feelings of my finger in the submergible blender.  Thankfully, there was no blood or broken bones, but alot of hurt feelings.. poor guy! 

Once we got to Honey and Papas and he dramatically showed them his fingers, he was ready to play.  There was alot of happy squeals going on, in the 40 + mile per hour winds.  Seriously. 

We havent bought swim diapers for McKinley this season, so she just had a regular diaper on.  The huge wetness, really really bothered her.  Once Jackson stripped down to his undies, she felt that it was necessary too.  She really wanted to be completed naked, but we figured that wasnt the best idea.  :)  In the above picture you can see my issue with panties for my tiny girl.. they just dont make them in a small enough size for her. 

Once we got inside to warm up.. McKinley decided she wanted to snuggle with her baby doll in the bouncy seat. I dont know too many 2 year olds that fit pretty well in a bouncy seat.. ha!  Sweet girl!

Thankful for a long weekend with my family!


Gracie said...

H & M makes really tiny panties. Stacy used them.