Monday, June 10, 2013

A Celebration, A Play Date and An Ear Ache

We had a fun, TORNADO FREE weekend! 

My sister in law, Amy and I went to Mahogany for dinner.  We had plans for a little girls night the Friday night before.. but as we all know, we spent that night glued to the TV, praying for the safety of Oklahomans again.. and cursing a local weatherman.  Soooo, we rain checked our date night and enjoyed the most delicious dinner free of bad weather.  My brother in law, had champagne waiting for us when we got there.  :)

Saturday, our friends, Mindy, Daisy and Hudson came over for a play date.  Both of our hubbies were working, so it was perfect.  And the weather was fantastic!  We set up the bounce house, and tent and the kids played really well together.  And Mindy and I were able to catch up. 

After our play date, we had lunch and fantastic naps!  :)

Sunday, we went to church.  Instead of Sunday School, we went to a class so we can dedicate McKinley next week.  I know, she is almost 2.  But our church was without a pastor for sometime, so this is the first opportunity we have had.  Better late than never.  :)

I have been dealing with this wierd thing going on with my right ear... it would go through phases (quickly) of being muffled.  Almost like I was hearing my heart beat in a muffled tone, but it wasnt.  It was annoying more than anything.  Craig and Mindy both told me they thought it was fluid in my ear.  I have never had anything like this.  But it made me think about how it was probably how McKinley hears out of her one ear without a canal all the time.   But by the time, Craig got home, it was shooting pain up behind my eye.. to where I had a major headache and then shooting a pain down my neck.  It was making me feel sick to my stomach and everything.  I sound major complainy right now, but I did not feel well at all.  Again, it made me think of my poor baby girl who had these ear infections ALL THE TIME, alot of the time I did not even realize it.. now I have a glimpse into how bad she felt.  Another reason to be super thankful for that tube.  Anyway, I read that decongestants often help with fluid in the ear.  Craig ran to the store, and literally an hour after taking the meds, I felt like a new person!  Today I am feeling some lingering pain, but no more wierd muffles. 

Overall a FUN weekend in the Smith household.