Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

I put McKinley's hair in her first braid, it was super cute. But it was also not in her hair when we got to church, because she REFUSES to keep her hair done in the car.
YAY for weekends!  I had high hopes for this weekend, because I knew it was starting out with date night and it was supposed to be dreary/rainy all day Saturday.   And it did not dissapoint.

Friday night, we took the kids up to church, for Parents Night Out.  And Craig and I went and had dinner at Cafe 7 with a gift card that we have had for a couple of years.  :)  Then we went out to a couple of his neighborhoods to see how much they have built up since the last time I was out there.  It was really relaxing and fun to just hang out.  And noone was crying.  :)

Saturday, we were supposed to have 100% chance of rain.  Which we did get, for like 20 minutes in the afternoon.  BUT, it was dreary all day.
We didnt do much- the kids played and I got some more things ready for the OKC JBF sale in April.  Jackson requested to have his rest time in mommy and daddy's bed.  He didnt even make it through one Wow Wow Wubzy before he was fast asleep.  We are not potty trained during sleep times yet- and he was in undies, so I was nervous, but he did great! 
Everyone was happy, and we enjoyed daddy's last "early" night at home.  Day Light Savings time means, he has to work an hour later every night.  Super thankful for his job.. but that hour is often times the hardest. 

Sunday, we skipped church and had a family morning at home.  It was nice and needed.  Even though it was in the 30s all day, Jackson still needed his swimsuit on for the majority of the day.  He is obsessed with swimming right now.  Obsessed. 
After McKinleys nap (Jackson did not participate), Honey and Papa came over to play for a bit.  The kids had so much fun!  Jackson and McKinley tried on their Easter outfits for Honey and Papa.  And when it came time to eat dinner and change out their Easter outfits- Jackson REALLY did not want to.  We had to change McKinley into a different dress to keep him happy.  He kept saying "sister has a pretty dress".  Sweet guy. 
The no nap participation and all the fun with Honey and Papa made for a very sleepy boy about 5 pm.  Not an ideal time for a nap.  Soooo I enjoyed my sweet snuggle for a bit and then we had to have a bit of a dance party with Fresh Beat Band to wake him up.  :)

Thankful for another fun weekend with my family!