Thursday, March 14, 2013

SUPER Fun Tuesday Night

Tuesday nights in our house are pretty quiet.  Craig normally plays tennis with his buddies and I enjoy quiet after the kids go to sleep. 

Well, this week, Craig and I got a babysitter and we had a date night on a Tuesday night!  Fantastic!

Kurt and Amy invited us to this wine pairing dinner at La Baguette.  Kurt had the opportunity to go to France for 2 weeks in September, while there he met Benoit Trocard.  Well, Benoit was in town- so they had this dinner. 

Craig and I are not big drinkers.  Not big, in the fact, that we hardly ever do drink.  We rarely have it in our house- but I do love a fruity drink every now and then.  I had mentioned to Amy a while back, as silly as it sounds, I wanted to know what kind of wine I would like, so I could have a glass in social situations and not feel totally silly.  Im not going to go into why now, at 31, I am really just now exploring this option.. but it is, what it is.  :)

So anyway- we went with them and had THE BEST time. 

The food was delicious.  Craig and I enjoy different foods, and really loved everything we were served.  It was all presented so lovely.  The wines were good too- I am sure they were in actuality ALOT better than I realized, just because I dont have much (any) experience with wines.  It was really neat to hear Benoit talk about his family's vineyards and chateaus.  And his passion for what he does. 

The company was even better!  :)  Craig and I love spending time with Kurt and Amy.  We always have so much fun- Amy and I are married to 2 funny guys.  (But we think we are pretty funny ourselves.. ha!)  I am not really sure what I was expecting, as far as the guests at this event goes.. but it was different that what I expected.  Everyone was very very friendly and very interesting. 

It was such a fantastic night- so fun to go out and do something out of the ordinary for us!  Super fun!


tiffany daily said...

How fun! So glad ya'll had a very nice date night. :)

Leslie said...

Jealous! That sounds like lots of fun. Jonathan and I always enjoy wine tasting when we travel. We don't know much, but it is fun to learn!