Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday night- Jackson and I had a date night.  Honey and Papa had a slumber party with McKinley.  So, Jackson and I went to Chili's (we had a gift card) and had dinner.  He chose mac and cheese and salad with a sprite for his dinner.  He had so much fun, and I think he felt really special.  He kept snuggling in real close and telling me he loved me.  It was super sweet.  Then we went home, and played outside because it was so nice!  And then we read and Jackson went to bed.  I had all intention of starting to paint McKinley's room while she was gone- but since Craig was gone- I really had zero motivation.  So I sat on our porch swing and enjoyed the nice quiet evening. 
Craig went to the Thunder game with a couple of his friends.  I told him that he needed to take a picture with Lon and Scott for the weekend recap blog- and he told me that would be "creepy", so he sent this instead!  HA!  They had a good time- thanks Lon for inviting Craig!

Saturday, was a BEAUTIFUL day in Oklahoma.  You could almost use the word "hot" to describe the day.  Honey and Papa brought McKinley back home that morning.  And my dad sprayed our yard for weeds.  So super nice and helpful.  That afternoon after naps, we set up the bouncy house.  And Jackson jumped, and McKinley swung.  For some reason, the bouncy house kind of scares her.  That evening after, dinner, we were back outside and this is how McKinley had her shirt, and she had NO desire for me to help her fix it.  She is a funny girl!

Sunday, we went to church.  As opposed to Saturday- it was a super chilly dreary day.  It was the perfect day for Sunday afternoon naps.  While I kind of slept, Jackson watched some of his shows in my bed with me.  I would wake up and he would be giving me sweet kisses on my nose or my arms and hands.  Super sweet guy.  He did not nap, until about 3:30 when he just was knocked out on the couch.  I dont loooooove for my kids to nap late, so I let him sleep for a bit and then woke him up.. he was not happy!  :( 

It was another fun/relaxing weekend!