Saturday, March 9, 2013

4 Year Well Check

Jackson FINALLY had his 4 year old well visit.  We had a FIASCO with our pediatrician in OKC that we had gone to with McKinley.  As in, when we went in for Jackson's 4 year old well check, the doctor was running AN HOUR AND A HALF behind.  I rescheduled, because asking a 4 year old to wait that long is ridiculous.  When I followed up to see if I could get a later appointment the same day, the lady was unhelpful and rude.  We decided that due to this situation, and all the follow up I had to do to get McKinley's prescription called in and her referral for the pediatric ENT, we needed a new pediatrician.  I have one child terrified of doctors and one that will constantly need to be under doctors care- I dont have time to babysit a doctors office. 

SO, we have a new pediatrician.  Her office is 2 miles from our house.  And she is the only doctor in the practice.  So its much smaller, with much fewer patients.  A much better fit for us.

Jackson had been sick earlier in the week, so I had already had to miss some work, so Craig took Jackson to his appointment without me. It sounded like it was WORLDS different from his 3 year old well visit.  He was well behaved and threw no fits.  Other than getting shots, but I do not blame him, there.  Craig brought up a couple of things that we were worried about, had questions about.. and she assured us that it was normal! 

He weighs 35 lbs, in the 41% and 3'3", in the 20%.  So he is still perfect!

He got his last shots until he is 11.  That is CRAZY.  That means he is really a big boy. 

After his shots, Craig got Jackson an ice cream cone from Sonic.  After eating his ice cream, Craig had Jackson change clothes, because he was so hot.  He saw his bandaids again, and got sad all over again.  By the time I got home, he was still sniffling and pouting.  All he could tell me about between his sniffles was his bandaids.  He got up and limped around the living room saying "oh dear, oh dear my bandaids"  He was VERY dramatic.  It was very funny.  I asked him, if he wanted to take his bandaids off and he said "SURE".  Once his bandaids came off, he was no longer limping and he was ready to run around the house.  :)

Thankful for our healthy normal 4 year old!!!