Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had another good weekend in the Smith household!
Friday night, Craig and Jackson went to Walmart to pick out his birthday cake for his actual birth DAY.  He has been talking for a while about a football cake, and we all know that does not go with the theme, I planned for his party... so a football cake is the perfect cake for his small party with just his grandparents.  That night, when ending his prayer time, Jackson said "I love you, football cake"  sweet sweet boy. 

While they were out doing that, I was working on painting the white underneath the chair rail in the kitchen.  We are going to add wainscoating at some point.. but right now, I just want it painted.  Because it is such a small area, I only got a quart of the white paint.. not taking into account the dark paint I was covering.  Needless to say, I will be going back to Home Depot for some more white paint to finish it up. 
Saturday morning, we stayed in our pjs and the kids played so nicely together (for the most part).  Every once in a while, McKinley would cry... I thought she was just being sensitive.  I have seen her throw fits if Jackson is playing with something that she wants- she attempts to tackle him by taking out his knees.  So I never really got on to him... well flash forward to Sunday.. I was giving McKinley a bath after nap time, because we would not be getting home until past her bedtime and I noticed she had bite marks on both arms.  I thought that maybe someone in her Sunday School class could have bitten her, until I walked in on them playing and saw Jackson BITE HER ARM.  Oh. my. goodness.. I was so mad at him.  We had to reiterate the talk about how we love and protect our family- and we never do anything to hurt them.  I am not going to lie, it made me have memories of Ward and I when we lived in Lafayette.  I was laying in the doorway of my bedroom, leading out to the hallway, and Ward wanted by (I guess), and he bent down and took a bite out of my back.  (Now, if you ask my mom if this happened, she will probably tell you it didnt.. because Ward and I were PERFECT!)  :)

That evening, Honey and Papa had a special time with Jackson and McKinley at their house.  Since we live so much closer, they often times just come to our house.  But lately Jackson has been praying for "Honey's house, Honey's car, Honey's car keys and Honeys teeth (?)".  So they wanted them to come and spend time at their house.  Of course, they had a fantastic time!  McKinley did not want to leave.  That girl LOOOOOOOVES her Honey.

While they were playing with Honey and Papa, I got to sneak away with one of my sweet friends, Julie.  We shopped early at the JBF sale in Norman and then had a yummy dinner.  It was so nice to be able to spend time with her and catch up.  She is a friend, that is always full of encouragement and wisdom.  I pray that Jackson and McKinley have friends like I do.

On Sunday, we got up and went to church.  As I have mentioned before, Jackson is a big fan of the camera on my phone.. and he loves to take pictures with me.  We made lots of silly faces and then afterwards he gave me the biggest hug and said "I lub you mommy".  Love. it.

I was showing McKinley some of the items that I found her at JBF and when she saw this dress.. she ran to it, grabbed it and started turning in circles.  She is such a girl.  So I let her wear it, even though it was short sleeved... we just put her 6 month jean jacket that Aunt Amy gave her over it.  She looked super precious.  And she knew it.  :)
After church, it was nap time for the kids, and a little birthday craft time for me.  Until Jackson actually falls alseep, Craig and I have to keep a pretty close eye on him.  So I went in to make sure that he was behaving himself, and I could not find him.  But I could hear him breathing, so I knew he was in his room.  He was so snuggled in with his sleeping bag on the floor, I totally did not see him.  He still loves talking about camping out.  I cant wait for it to be warmer, so he can use his new tent.

After naps, the kids ate a snack, changed clothes and we headed back up to church.  McKinley LOVES church! She was doing her really cheesy smile in this picture, where she crinkles her nose, raises her shoulders and shows all her teeth. 

I am thankful for another fun weekend with my family!