Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jackson's Super Hero 4th Birthday Party

Jackson LOVES Super Heroes. 

I have always said, that I wanted to do themes for birthdays that Jackson would not choose later in life.  I felt like his early birthdays could be themes that I like for him, because he didn't really have an opinion.  But this year, I felt like Jackson has some things that he definitely enjoys more than others.  And even though, when I ask him what kind of birthday he would want to have- he still doesnt have an opinion- I wanted this birthday to reflect something that he really really enjoyed. 

So- Super Heroes it was.  I know nothing about Super Heroes.  But thankfully the internet is FULL of creative/cute ideas to help celebrate a little boy who loves Super Heroes. 

I like to order invitations from my cousin, Laura, but she is taking a break from designing while she gets ready for her new baby boy!  So, I went to Etsy and found these FANTASTIC invitations, from Blue Egg Events.  She was so easy to work with, and her product is really special!  I love how they turned out. 

We had the party at our new house- it was my first time to decorate the new space.  Blue Egg Events made the birthday banner for me.  I found the sky line back drop off of Shindigz.  Spray painted the letters from Hobby Lobby (never thought through that the letter p would not stand on its own).  And ordered the fun polka dot balloons from Amazon.  I think the balloons were Jackson's favorite.  When he walked out from his nap, he was SO VERY excited!!!  His reaction makes all the hard work totally worth it (even though I do love planning their parties!)

We had the "Best Punch Ever" from pinterest (Super Fuel), and I found these adorable plastic milk bottles from Petite Party Studio. I decorated them with things I found at Hobby Lobby, and added the fun paper straws that you can find almost everywhere these days!
Wonder Dogs= Hot Dogs with fixings

Cat Woman Claws= Bugles

Chips with Hulk Salsa= Guacamole Salsa from Pinterest

Captain America Kabobs= Fruit Kabobs served with fruit dip with sprinkles

SuperMan's XRay Vision= Carrots and Ranch Dip

Dare Deviled Eggs

Even though the party was at 3, we had plenty of food! All the food had some type of Super Hero name.  My friend, Amy Milner, came over the night before and really helped me get everything together.  I have good friends!
Mom helped me make the birthday cake.  Jackson's only opinion on the party was that he wanted a chocolate cake.  I am pretty positive that he has not had a piece yet.  :)  But I have, and it was really really good!  I sent Blue Egg Events a picture of my inspiration for the cake, and she was able to make me some cake toppers.  They really made the cake.  Super cute.

We learned from Jackson's first birthday party (which I need to blog about), that he does NOT like being sung to AT ALL.  So we scratched that from the agenda.

We just invited family to the party, because Jackson gets pretty overwhelmed and crowds and gets even more so, when all the attention is just on him.  We did ask everyone to dress in costumes, so that was a bit overwhelming for both kids. 

McKinley looked so super cute.  I found her, a personalized Super Hero cape, from the Etsy store, Little Shepsters.  Then I found an adorable swimsuit on Ebay, and put it over Ruffle Butts red tights.  When I was getting her dressed for the party, Jackson walked in and said "Sister is such a cutie"  I agree, buddy!

We had planned on Jackson wearing one of his many Super Hero costumes to the party, that Uncle Kurt has gotten him over the years.  But after he saw McKinley's "super cape" he wanted his own.  We ordered one for him that said "Super J".  He wore it all of .5 seconds at the party and would not wear a costume.  So his batman shirt had to do.  Jackson spent the first 20 minutes of the party in his room.  We have learned that in social situations with several people.. he just has to have a few minutes to warm up.  So Aunt Amy brought him his new Spider Man doll into his room, and then he eventually came out to the party.  He had a really great time!

We had some really fun costumes at the party!!!  Everyone looked really great!!!

McKinley probably gave us the biggest laugh of the party.  She is really used to everyone paying attention to her.  Her cousin, Daniel, evidently was not giving her as much attention as she would like.  She was determined to give him lots and lots of kisses.  She is so sweet.. and funny.
We had decorated cookies from, Paisley and Plaid, for party favors.  

We love our Jackson!  And loved celebrating him this weekend!!!


Tiffany Ann Daily said...

Love Love Love! You did a fantastic job! I did cookies too for favors, well cars shaped rice krispies. :) So much better than gathering little toys and such. So glad J had a great party, and M looked adorable.

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

Adorable party as always!!