Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

 Happy Valentines Day from the Smiths!  We had a great day!  It was Craig's day off, so he was able to spend the day at home with his littlest Valentines, while I worked.  On my way home, I made some stops to pick up our dinner and then wrapped the kids gifts in our garage (they had been in my trunk for weeks.... talk about good planning)

We have some friends in Newcastle, that have 3 sons.  Every year, they have a candle light dinner on Valentines just with their family.  I always thought that was a special thing to do.  And something I would love to incorporate into our family traditions.  Obviously, we make sure that Jackson and McKinley are loved and cherished every day, but to do something alittle out of the oridnary on one special day, is fun! 

Needless to say, a candle light steak dinner, would be lost on my children at this age.  But I tell you what is not:  Pizza and a living room picnic.  :)  So thats what we did.  Pizza, although not THAT out of the ordinary, is a treat for our kids right now.. considering they are "grounded from pizza" due to the fact that a certain 3, almost 4 year old has started showing a slightly picky side. 

Papa Murphy's has a heart shaped pizza that is perfect for the occasion.  Which evidently ALOT of people chose the laid back pizza approach this Valentines Day because I stood in a line outside the door to get this pizza.  :)

 We added some salad with ranch, and our dinner was complete.  And we had some HAPPY children.  After dinner, we had them open their gifts, which I think was a bit confusing for Jackson, especially.  He kept asking if we were at a birthday party.  :)  We bought them some dishes, food and a tea set to help complete stocking their kitchen that Santa brought them at kitchen.  Jackson, especially, LOVES to pretend to cook and set tables.  And McKinley loves to follow along. 
 After playing with their new toys, we had cupcakes for dessert.  And by we, I mean, Jackson and McKinley.  Craig and I gave up sweets for lent.  Although, Baptist.. we still participate.  Craig decided that was what he wanted to give up, and I joined him.....
Valentines Day evening was capped off with some serious tagging for the JBF Norman sale, and an extremely disappointing Thunder loss to the Heat.  All in all, a fantastic day!  Hope your Valentines Day was equally wonderful!