Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Abnormal Soft Palate

Today, McKinley had her appointment with a pediatric ENT at Childrens Hospital.  This specific doctor specializes in clefts.  He is REALLY good at what he does.

We were anxious to figure out what was going on with McKinley's soft palate.  We were feeling pretty confident that she did not have a cleft, after speaking with McKinley's speech therapist.  She said that McKinley was making sounds that most people with a cleft issue do not make.  She also does not sound nasely.. so she really doubted that she had a palate issue.

Today, we had the most snow that we have had all season.. of course.  I hate driving in the snow.  I called to see if we rescheduled, how long it would be before we could get an appointment.  April.  So we were not going to miss the appointment.

Im glad we went.  Dr. Glade was fantastic.  Not only did we talk about McKinley's palate, we talked about her ear.  First of all, her soft palate is normal.  YAY.  Her tonsil is not.  An abnormal tonsil is not that big of a deal.. it does make her palate look asymmetrical.  But, unless she starts getting strep alot, or has sleep apnea, she will most likely not have to have surgery.  Good news.

He said it was a good find, by our pediatrician.  And he wants to see us again in 6 months to make sure it hasnt grown.

We discussed her ear.  He agrees that Dr. Berryhill is the best.  There is another doctor at OU who is really good, and he would recommend we go see her before we make any surgery decisions for McKinley.  Let me just preface what he told us about her ear, with, I am SO glad we do not have to make this decision anytime soon.  It kind of makes my head spin just thinking about it.

As far as reconstruction goes, we have 3 options.  They can reconstruct her ear by taking stuff (not sure what) from her rib cage.  It will not look exactly like her other ear.  But it will definitely be the same size.  Or we can get a prosthetic ear.  He highly recommends that when she gets to be 4 or 5 that we at least go and see what they can do.  Or.. we can do nothing.

If I had to make a decision today, I think I would choose nothing.  Those of you that have seen McKinley's sweet ear, it is VERY difficult to tell, unless you go back and forth looking at each ear.  Her hair parts and will cover it, most of the time.  My fear is that she will get older and be disappointed that we did not do anything.  So anyway.. glad we dont have to decide anything.

He did say that making a canal is a very invasive surgery.. which is what Dr. Berryhill says.  He has always told me that he does not think we will be interested in that surgery once we know the risks.  Dr.  Glade mentioned an implant that is an option for her, I am not sure if that is the same thing that we have heard about, where they put the hearing aid through the skull and she would wear a head band...  I think we have a couple of years before we have to make decisions.. and we are evidently in the sweet spot for new advances.  We will see.

All in all, a very good appointment.