Friday, February 8, 2013

Hair Cuts

I remember distinctly when McKinley was in the hospital, one of her NICU nurses commenting on how she didnt just have one, but had to callacks (I have no clue how to spell that word).. anyway, she said "wow, that'll be fun to fix one day".  I remember thinking, fixing her hair will be the least of my concerns.  At that point, I was praying for all her organs to work correctly, and food to be digested properly.  Definitely wasnt worrying about her hair.  Well now, as her hair has grown, it is CRAZY.  And I dont necessarily think its due to the word that is so hard to spell... I think its just being patient for her hair to grow evenly around her head.  
I took her to Stephanie, on the day that I was scheduled to continue my journey towards making my hair more natural.  Most people would not be able to tell that we did anything to McKinley's hair.  But it made me feel better.  We kind of trimmed the mullet and took a bit off around her eyes... I didnt want to do much around her eyes, because I want it to grow out, so she can have a cute little bob.  Stephanie did kind of curl the back out real cute.. very similar to the hair cut, one of my best friends, Mindy had when she was chosen for the Price Is Right.  We all said basically the same thing in our producer interviews, but she had the super cute trendy hair.. so she was the winner from our group.  :)  Anyway, McKinley left with Mindy hair.. which means it was super super cute!

 Then... last night, after McKinley went to bed.. Craig and I attempted the dreaded Jackson haircut.  We had given ourselves pep talks, so we were ready.  We moved a kitchen chair in the master bathroom.. turned on Sponge Bob Square Pants and went to work.  We started with me holding Jackson, and Craig cutting.. but we soon had to abort that plan because he is too strong for me.  Craig held him, I cut.  The fiasco lasted approximately 5 minutes.  We were MUCH more successful this time. 
 Jackson was JUST as furious as ever.. this picture is after he had his shower to wash off the millions of tiny hairs that had attached to his body during his ridiculous thrashing (and please ignore the no curtains in our bedroom.... we need to hang them..but the bedroom has been our last priority) .  His whole body was the shade of red that his face is, in this picture.  He was MAD. One day Jackson will get a hair cut like a big boy.. but until then, it will be a family affair.  :)


Tiffany Ann Daily said...

So glad to see these pics. M is adorable and LOVE her hair. Mr. J is as cute as ever. :)