Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Past Couple of Weeks

I have been meaning to be blogging more.  I always think: oh I need to document that.  And then I just dont sit down and do it, and then I get behind.  I need to be better.  To catch up on what our life has looked like the past couple of weeks- we will do it by the way of pictures from my phone.  :)

Well to start off the past couple of weeks, my kiddos came down with some disgusting sickness. It started with McKinley, spread to Jackson and I eventually got it.  I dont think I have done so much sick covered laundry in my life.  We just kept praying that the millions of loads we were constantly doing wouldnt kill our washer and dryer.  

We spent ALOT of time at our house.  We had to miss church one Sunday, but I felt like I absolutely HAD to leave the house.. so I went to Target.  We really did not need anything, but of course I found some things.  We are going to have the opportunity to swim more this summer, so I figured McKinley and Jackson needed new swimsuits.  McKinley just HAD to have hers on.. over her pjs.  :)  We also tried out pig tails for her crazy hair. 

Jackson watched some play off football with us, and he really connected with Peyton Manning.  He thinks he says "hurry hurry!"  So Jackson gets in his "football ready" position and yells "hurry! hurry!" and runs around the house.  So he has been a bit obsessed with being a football player.  He doesnt have a real football helmet, but one of our friends gave him this cute hat for his birthday last year, so it works perfectly.  

Once our house got all better, Craig and I got a babysitter so that we could go to dinner for our niece's birthday.  Our kids go to bed pretty early, so going out to dinner with them is tough.  They are good for a bit, but then they get tired and things just go down hill from there.  We are at a stage where it is just more enjoyable for everyone if the kids stay home for a dinner out.  After dinner, I got a text that our babysitter got sick.  :(  So we went home.  And I sent Craig out to get all bleach filled cleaners, so that I could clean the house again.. I want to be done with sickness for the year.  Yes, the year.  

January 31st was Omphalocele Awareness Day, our colors are black and white, so I was trying to get McKinley's picture for the special day.  She was not having any part of it.  She has started having fits.  I know its the age.. but goodness, she is dramatic and loud.  I have no idea where she gets those qualities.  :)

I recently got a new phone (IPhone 4, I will always be a generation late.. there is no way I can justify paying hundreds of dollars for a phone.. however 99 cents, I can handle).  Anyway, Jackson thinks it is great that he can see us taking a picture.  We have ALOT more self portraits now. Hes a cute kid.  

Again, with the football fascination.  This time, he is using my chip and dip helmet server as his helmet. It bothered him that there was a hole at the top, but it did not stop him from using it.  

He still loooooves Super Heroes.  I looked back on our way home from church and this is what I saw.  :)

 We have been having some unseasonably warm weather.  Which means beautiful days, but I am afraid it also means we are going to have a summer that resembles hell in the form of heat.  That does not make me happy.  But I took advantage of the beautiful weather and nap time to work on a spray paint craft for Jackson's 4th birthday party. 
 And finally.. this little girl has some CRAZY hair.  I really dont know what to do with it. I want it to grow out.. but it is somewhat mulletish.  And then the hair in the front goes into her eyes... so if I do not pull it back, its rough... We will see what Ms. Stephanie can do for us this afternoon!!


Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

Man those are some cute and funny kids!! Hope all the sickness stays away!