Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Its a Pinterest Miracle

Miracle may be a strong word.

However, when you have babies coughing at night and not able to sleep.. anything that will help them find rest, is considered a miracle in my book.  :)

So moms... go to your local health food store and buy Eucalyptus Oil  N.O.W.

You put a tiny bit on the bottoms of their feet, and they stop coughing.  And they sleep.  It is wonderful.

Last night, I was not coughing, but I was going through kleenex like crazy.  I was worried how I would be able to sleep, so I put a little on the bottoms of my feet and I did not use one more kleenex ALL NIGHT.  I slept through the night.. I never had to get up and blow my nose. 

I am not a big fan of taking cold medicines.. they always make me feel drowsy and somewhat drugged.. so this was perfect.

Go buy some now to keep on hand.  I promise, you will think its a miracle too.  :)


Matthew said...

It's also very helpful to put a few drops into water and just let it simmer on the stove during the day. The oil helps to make a natural decongestant in the air's humidity. Doing this helps out over the long term.

Leslie said...

Totally doing that! I have had a cold but can't take any decongestants because of nursing. So annoying! Glad to know about this natural trick.