Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Oklahoma has strange weather.  Really really strange.  Its December and its been in the 70s.  I am ready for winter (its supposedly coming this weekend! wahoo!)

McKinley picked out her outfit last weekend (we were just staying around the house).  Which was evidently a good thing, when my parents came by, Mom suggested she never wear the outfit again.  HA!  It is supposed to be a dress.. but it was more of a shirt on McKinley.  And she discovered some new shoes that fit her, so she wore them all. day. long.  Black patent mary janes.  The girl loves shoes. 

The kids LOVE our new backyard.  It is just a normal backyard.  But our last yard was made out of farm land, so it wasnt real grass.  There were tons of stickers, so it was hard for them to play.  And since we were in a relatively new area, it was not very developed so there was very little to stop the Oklahoma wind.  So now, since we are in an established neighborhood, our kids get a break from the wind and even get alittle shade.  It is SO NICE. 

My kids have loved our December weather, I dont think they realize we are supposed to be wearing sweats snuggled up on the couch with fluffy blankets.  :)