Thursday, December 13, 2012

12-12-12 An Afternoon to Remember

My sweet sweet almost 4 year old..

Yesterday, Craig was beginning the process of loading the kids in the car, so they could have alittle outing to Walmart. 

He was putting McKinley in the car, when he heard the door from our garage leading into our laundry close.  And lock. Jackson locked Craig and McKinley out of the house. 

Craig called me, very panicked.  I was at work. In Norman.  At least a 35-40 minute drive.  I called my mom to see if she had a key.  We had not given her one yet.  I left work.  I drove as fast as I could to get home.  I was most concerned that was Jackson was going to somehow hurt himself doing something distructive in his freedom.  But everytime I talked to Craig, he was trying to tell Jackson which lock to unlock.. (he had locked both locks on the door).  I found comfort that Jackson was still in the laundry room. 

I got home, Mom was there with McKinley in her car.. Craig was going between pacing the garage and trying to talk Jackson into unlocking the door.  When I unlocked the door, Jackson was a combination of scared, and worried he was going to get in trouble.  We went to his room, he wanted me to hold him, and we talked about what had happened. 

I, then proceeded to give everyone a key.  We hid keys etc... we were not going to get into this situation again. 

Craig and the kids still wanted to go on their outing.. so they took my van.  In the fluster of everything, I remembered (after they left), that my purse and phone was still in my van.  I figured that Craig would not notice it and it would just remain on the front seat, in the parking lot of Walmart, luring any thief to break into the vehicle.  I couldnt call Craig because my phone was in the car, and we dont have a home phone.  So I jumped in the car and drove to the Walmart that I guessed they were out- careful to abide by all traffic laws, because I definitely did not have my license.  As soon as I pulled into the Walmart parking lot, Craigs car died.. like as in, the steering wheel wouldnt even turn.  Seriously.  I was getting even more flustered.  But was turned the car on, and it turned right back on.. thankfully.  Then I was able to quickly find my van- an answer to prayer-seriously. I was able to get my purse and phone before anyone stole it.  :)  And then I sat in the Walmart parking lot until they were done, because I was afraid to drive Craigs car home.  (It did fine). 

It was a CRAZY CRAZY few hours. 

Some people chose to celebrate 12-12-12 by doing something fun, like getting married or going on fabulous trips.  We, on the other hand, made other kinds of family memories.  :)
Love you very much, buddy!