Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We Moved!

I have been absent from documenting the adventures of my little family, because we have MOVED!  WA.HOO! 

We have been busy unpacking and finding a home for everything.  We have been decorating for Christmas.  And helping all the guys who come to set up different things at the new house. 

We LOVE it.  All four of us.  Overall, the adjustment has gone great!  We had a few rough nights, since Jackson had a new freedom: the light switch.  His new room has a MUCH higher ceiling than his old room.  We could easily turn off his light at the fan in his old room.  Not so easy now.  The freedom of being able to turn on his light all.through.the.night just proved to be too much.  Craig rigged up a stool on his super soft mattress and turned the light off at the fan.  We now have him believing that he broke the light because he used the light switch too much.  :)

We enjoyed our old house so very much.  And I definitely gave up some things to move into this new house.. like granite in the kitchen.  Totally unnecessary, but we love it.... A 3 car garage.  Alittle bit of space in the dining room and the arch that I loved to decorate for Christmas and birthdays.

BUT, in return we have a new playroom, that the kids LOVE.  They play nicely together in there with all their toys.  And we can have a normal living room void of Toys R Us.  A much bigger laundry room with a TON more storage throughout the house.  A great master closet.  A front porch swing.  A TREE!  Great schools.  And we are now super close to all of our family and friends.

It is seriously a WONDERFUL move for our family.  We all feel very very blessed. 


Emily said...


I had to duct tape Eli's switch back in the day! I feel your pain. :)