Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ears and Listening...

McKinley had her follow up appointment to check out whether or not the tube is doing its job last week. 

She is so funny.  The audiologist called her name, McKinley looked at her, walked through the door, turned the corner, went straight into the room with the big sound box, and walked straight into the box.  She was ready.  When did she get so big?!?!

She did a great job... not only did she turn to the noises, she would mimic the clowns that would light up and dance for her as her reward.  She is a funny girl.

She did not want any part of the "piano" exercise.  But we were still able to tell that the tube is open, therefore eleviating the negative pressure. 

When we saw the doctor, she tried to help him look at her ears.  He asked to look in her mouth and she automatically opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.  Again.. when did she get so big?  After he was done looking at her ears, she got down, walked over to him and held his hands.  Sweet girl. 

Also on the good news front- there was no mention of the bone conduction hearing aid.  I dont totally believe we are out of the woods on that one yet.. but still one appointment with no mention of it.  Great news.

Jackson on the other hand, can hear.  And is proving to hear very well.  :)  On Monday, I asked his teacher at school, when I was picking him up.. how he did that day.  She said " normally he sleeps so well at nap time.. he did sleep today, but it took him a while.  He was a bit disruptive.  He just kept singing songs to himself really loudly... I just thought, well maybe thats how he gets himself to sleep".  Then I asked if he plays with other kids at school.... her response was " not really.. sometimes he plays with this other very quiet little boy.  He also knows what aggrivates other kids, so often times he continues to do whatever that is, to get a reaction."  She followed up by saying "maybe he doesnt like the other kids.. you know we all like certain personalities". 

First of all, I felt kind of sad, thinking that Jackson didnt play with other kids at school, and felt sad that he didnt have any friends.  Then I felt like, although it IS true that we flock to people similar to us.. he is still super young, and I want him to be friendly and kind to ALL people.  He IS a social kid.  So I called my mom on my way home with the kids and was telling her all of this.. and we were talking about possible reasons, etc. 

I also talked to Craig about it when he got home.  Jackson was still awake when we were talking.  So he heard us talking too.  We talked to Jackson about aggrivating other kids and instead being friendly to everyone.  We talked about how important it is to at least lay quiet during nap time, so you dont bother your friends.

When I picked Jackson up yesterday.. his teacher told him that he played with kids all day long.  He even played in a big group. He did not aggrivate any kids.  And he went straight to sleep at nap time.  So proud of him.  He listened and applied what he learned.  :)  When I was driving off from school, he yelled "bye friends!  see ya next week!"

Thankful for both of these two.. for their ears and their ability to hear. 


Kara M said...

So sweet! So glad to hear that your precious daughter is doing well!! :D

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

Yay for good news with McKinley!! She sounds so sweet! And great story about Jackson too, adorable!

Mir said...

"Bye friends. See ya next week".... heart is melting!