Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Singular Good One

 Christmas Cards.  I LOVE them.  LOVE them.  I love sending them.  I love receiving them.  I LOVE them. 
 Our life has been a tad bit crazy.  And I am a bit behind on all things Christmas.  I am one of those people who gets Christmas shopping done EARLY.  I have an idea of what I want for our Christmas card,etc.  Well this year, we are moving.  We are moving 3 days before Thanksgiving.  To say I have not been completely focused on getting things ready for the holidays would be an understatement. 
 I knew I needed to get pictures of my kids for the card.  I knew that it was not only, not in my budget to hire someone to take our pictures.. it just wasnt a wise choice.  The way my kids work- you never know what kind of mood they will be in.  So patience is key.. and understanding that it might take a few attempts before getting the perfect shot.  You cant just call back a professional photographer over and over again...
 So I talked to my favorite- Esther.. she shared her secret of a great nature park in Norman.  No swingsets to distract.  Perfect.  She suggested going between 3:30 and 5.. the sun would be going down and my kids would be less squinty.
 We got there.. I even had a few props.  It was every bit as difficult as I imagined. 
 We had tears a couple of times.  I just need ONE SINGULAR good picture. I did not even set the requirement of looking at the camera.  I had some looooooow expectations. 
And I got ALOT of outtakes.  But thankfully.. I got a few that WILL work.  Thank goodness.  I mean, do not get me wrong.. I was gonna MAKE one work.. but I am happy with a few.  So.. although we may feel like we have been hit by a train.. it was a SUCCESS.  :)


Emily said...

Getting a good pic makes me sweaty! So much easier when they are non-moving infants!!!

Erin said...

Ha ha, loved the outtakes!! I feel ya, girl! ;)