Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Super Hero!

 I dont remember growing up and my brother really being into super heroes.  But Craig and his brothers can appreciate a super hero every now and then.  :)  Kurt, Jackson's uncle, even has an upstairs bedroom that he refers to as his "Room of Cool"- it is FULL of Super Hero stuff.  So even though I do not know much about what super hero does what.. I knew my son would be taken care of in that department. 

Well every holiday, Jackson has received a different Super Hero mask.  Birthdays, Christmas', when his baby sister was born.. all holidays.  :)  Every once in a while, Jackson would get one out and play with it, but he never took great interest. 
 That was, until, we started getting Halloween magazines in the mail.  Jackson would "read" them and then go searching through his toy chests to find his different masks.  His favorite, right now, is Captain America.  He then, finds the masks that he wants us to wear.  His sister is always the next to get a mask.  He thinks its hysterical to see McKinley wear a mask.  They are normally too big for her, so she just walks around with them draped around her neck. 

Since I am not up on Super Hero rules, when he gives me one to wear, I just kinda growl like a bear.. with my hands out in front of me.  Craig laughs at me.  Jackson and McKinley dont seem to mind, so I continue to do it. 
When Jackson goes through a phase, he goes all out.  He takes his Captain America mask everywhere we go.  He wears it as soon as he gets up and throughout the day.  He sleeps with it in his room.  Its really really cute.

So I may not know much about Super Heroes yet.. but I have a feeling, I am going to learn alot.  :)