Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Eat My Words...

Being a mom has taught me the lesson that I really need to be careful what I say... even though I have learned the lesson somewhat.. I still end up eating my words.  Often.

My parents were over this weekend, watching OU demolish Texas, with us.  We were talking about our upcoming move and some furniture that we have in this house that we are not going to take with us.  Which brought up a bed in my parents house that we are going to have someday.  It was my bed.  I LOVED it, and I always wanted it to be my little girl's bed, if I had one one day.  Well, I have one, so my bed will be in McKinley's room one day.  We were talking about when and why we had to move Jackson to a big boy bed (climbing out of his crib). And I said, "I dont think we are going to have that problem with McKinley, shes just so small"  To which my dad replied "her body is small... but she sure doesnt see herself as small". 

This morning, at 5:45 am, I walked in McKinley's room to give her a paci, in hopes that she would lay quiet for at least 15 more minutes, she, instead attempted to put her leg OVER the crib.  She wanted nothing to do with the paci, and wanted out of that crib.  And she was going to show me. 

Ugh.  So maybe she WILL try to climb out of the crib. 

Another lowering of the crib mattess will be happening pronto.