Thursday, October 4, 2012

Home Haircut

Many of you may remember the last time that Jackson got his haircut.  It was horrible.  Horrible. Horrible.  If you can think of every negative word to describe a situation, those words would not be enough to express the horriblness of that hair cut.  And it was all Jackson.

At that moment, I promised myself that I would never make a person who spends their life cutting hair, have to go through what sweet Chuck went through.  At that moment, I decided I would rather Craig and I's hair cutting skills (which are absent) be judged, than our parenting.

So the next time I was at Sams, I bought a hair clippers.  It came with a bunch of level things and a bag and a comb and scissors.  And even a black cape.  All for $30.  I paid $40 for that horrible hair cut experience.  So, the way I looked at it, I was going to save some money, judgement and headaches for the poor people we were subjecting to Jackson's ridiculous hair cut freak outs.

Well, we let his hair grow. We were nervous about cutting his hair, neither of us had done it.  We watched some Youtube videos, because thats how you basically become a professional, but we still just didnt have the necessary confidence.  Well his hair continued to grow, and he basically always looked like he rolled out of bed.  Much like a hair cut, brushing his hair is evidently the worst thing ever.  I was tired of him always looking like we didnt care... so we decided to bit the bullet and do it last night.

Craig did a great job.  We did not follow the clippers rule of youtube and use different levels all over the head.  Clearly these people had never cut a 3 year old's hair that acts like Jackson during the process.  So we chose a number and we did it all over his head.  It was quick and relatively painless.  He, of course, screamed, and I think inhaled some hair because he kinda dry heaved a couple of times when it was over.  And it really looked good.
the front/top looked fine. 

Then we noticed a few stragglers.  On his neck.  My communication was not the clearist in what I was wanting to happen.  Craig attempted to to fix the problem area.  And Jackson moved his head.  This means DISASTER.  Friends, this is where I must admit, I did not shine through as a calm wife/mom.  I lost it.  I automatically said we were not going to be leaving the house til his hair grew.  Craig and I were both yelling.  (Side note:  we do not yell, even in our darkest days in our relationship.. voices are never raised).  This was SO STRESSFUL.  I am not even joking when I say I had an upset stomach the rest of the night, and even when I woke up this morning.  My poor baby has a bad haircut. And it was our fault.
the sides and back were a disaster. 

After my shower this morning, which is when I normally do my best thinking. I had calmed down.  I apologized to Craig, I realized that it was very possible that I overreacted.  I told him, every kid has a bad haircut.  Its just normally when they cut it themselves.  And that was the moment that I decided THAT could be our story.  Jackson tried to cut his own hair.

Thankfully, my dear friend, Amanda's brother, Brent is a dear friend of Craig's.  Amanda and Brents dad is a barber.  We thought maybe he could help us fix the problem, and since he is basically a dear friend, himself, the judgement would be minimal.  Well, wouldnt you know, they were leaving to go see Amanda and her sweet baby, Blake this morning.  But Brent jumped in and saved the day.  He fixed Jackson up, so we can at least get out of the house, until his hair grows.  :)
it really does look better.. its all the same length.. just so short.. so so short.

Hopefully in 6 months when we decide to be brave and cut his hair again, it will be a much smoother process.  Maybe.  :)


Matthew said...

I'm not sure if you ever venture to Enid much, but if you do, then I would highly suggest Dave Hempfling. His Barber Shop is on Independence just a few stores down from the Gaslight Theatre. He has cut my hair now for about 30 years. He does great, is professional, and is reasonably priced. I have experienced him cut many young boys hair and does great at it.

mgoff said...

This is a great post. LOVE IT!

Leslie said...

Hair cuts are traumatic for mama even when they go well! I get stressed out/nostalgic/critical every single time Riggins gets his hair cut. Although it's progress that I've even getting his hair cut now because I refused to do it for the longest time. Jackson's hair really looks fine to me in those pictures, but I know even the slightest change can be so hard for mama! (Someday I need to blog about the time Jonathan cut Riggs' hair without asking me when I was just 3 days postpartum with Rhett...DRAMA!!!)