Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Please Dont Touch, Jackson

I had GRAND plans for the weekend. I was so excited.  My brother in law is in Europe, so my sister in law, Amy and I were going to use his OU tickets and go to the game.   I have not been to an OU game in AGES.  The weather was going to be perfect.  I was sooo very excited.

Well... my sweet McKinley's allergies had really been bothering her and I assumed she was cutting teeth because she had been chewing on her fingers.  Friday night, she was ready for bed alittle earlier than usual, but I laid her down.. about 45 minutes later, she woke up SCREAMING.  She did not want to be held, she did not want to be put down. She was miserable.  I checked to see when Craig would be getting home.. but he had a late appointment.  So I loaded Jackson and McKinley up in the van to head to the urgent care.  This was approximately the time that the desert from Arizona was blowing into Newcastle.  Holy cow. Wind. And dust.

We got to Urgent Care, and I tried to tell Jackson not to touch anything.  Yeah. Right.  We looked horrible.  I had fed my kids dinner, and if you know McKinley that means we had a disaster zone.. so I had crumbs on me.. my face looked tired (because I was.. McKinley had let us sleep approximately 3 hours the night before..) McKinley had a onesie and no shoes.. in her hysteria, there was no way she was letting me put shoes on her.  Jackson had a shirt with writing on it and shorts with writing on it (pet peeve of mine), although I did get him to turn his shirt the correct way.  Can you say we looked a bit trashy... ugh.

Luckily noone was there.. McKinley immediately dropped her paci on the Urgent Care floor and Jackson was befriending everyone he could by saying "hi doctor" and laughing extremely loud because it kind of echoed in the lobby with the tile floors.

We got called back into the room, it was the same nice lady who checked all my vitals when my finger was falling off.  She was appropriately impressed with its healing.  :)  She put the oxygen counter on McKinley's foot, and basically was getting no oxygen counts.. but clearly McKinley was breathing and not in distress.  Jackson was touching the scale and the blood pressure thing.  Please Jackson, dont touch anything.  Yeah. Right.

We go back to a room and the sweet PA, that took my stitches out, checked McKinley out.  It always throws everyone for a loop that they can only look in one ear.  She definitely has an ear infection. And definitely is cutting molars.  McKinley starts screaming.  Jackson is touching the trash can, as he is reinacting one of his favorite scenes from Little Bill.  Jackson, please dont touch anything.  Yeah. Right.

We pay SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS (new insurance, who knew?!?!) and get a prescription and leave.  Jackson says bye to all of his adoring "doctors".

We get home, I give McKinley her meds, sponge bathe her off and put her to bed.  Craig gets home, gives Jackson and a bath and he goes to bed.

Approximately 12:30 am... we hear Jackson coughing... Craig goes into his room.. he has thrown up everywhere.  Jackson, this is why I told you not to touch anything at the urgent care... until approximately 5 am, we cleaned up alot of throw up. We gave alot of baths.  And changed alot of sheets.

"reading" a costume magazine that came in the mail while we were sitting on the porch

I did not get to go to the game.  Craig took McKinley to my parents on his way to work to minimize the germ passage.  Jackson and I stayed home all day.  It was a great day.  No throwing up.  Lots of snuggling and a bit of a fever.  It was a beautiful Oklahoma day, so we SAT (you know he didnt feel well if we could sit) on the front porch for a long time and talked and he sang LOUDLY.  We had alot of fun.  Although I was really REALLY disappointed that my weekend plans did not go according to plan.. Saturday was SUCH a blessing of another day JUST with my little guy.  We would be reading a book and he would just lean over, kiss my shoulder and say, I love you mommy.  Please. Melt my heart. Although he did love just mommy time.. he REALLY missed his sister.  He asked me "mommy where did sister go"  I told him, that she went to Honey and Papa's. Then he said loudly "Sister where aaarrree you?!"

Sunday, we skipped church, because I figured the parents of Jackson and McKinley's friends would be a bit annoyed if they knew both of our kiddos had fevers within 24 hours.  So we had a relaxing morning and played the afternoon away.

Great unexpected weekend!