Monday, September 10, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

Craig and I decided a few months ago, that at the end of the summer, we wanted to take Jackson to Great Wolf Lodge.  Just Jackson.  We could go in the middle of the week since that is Craig's days off.  We figured we could probably save a few dollars and not have to fight as many crowds that way.  We decided on a good time, and made reservations.  McKinley stayed with my parents and we headed to Dallas.  

I know, many of you, have taken your kids before.  But if you havent... do.  Jackson had THE BEST time.  They had a great toddler area, that kept him busy.  We were worried that he would see the big kid area and want to spend time there, but it never was a problem.  He laughed THE WHOLE time we were there.  He would squeal and sing.  He would talk to random people, all while having the BIGGEST grin on his face.  

When we got back to our room for the evening, he told us "I am SO happy".  

He loved every minute of being the only baby again, and having all of mommy and daddy's attention.  We loved it too.  He is just so fun.  
Loving the water spraying from everywhere.

He seriously looks like a big boy here. 

Exploring with daddy

Loves the slides

This was his smile the WHOLE time

We went to find something for dinner, and he was OUT

He was so brave and did the big toddler slide and LOVED it.


We had such a great time, and cant wait to go next year with McKinley.. and maybe even Honey and Papa!  :)


KillerB said...

SO much fun!

Marietta Nixon said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time! my family and I went to a few Texas water parks this summer and we had a blast! Glad to see that you guys had such a fun time as well! Thanks for sharing.