Thursday, August 30, 2012


This cute little boy had his hearing checked today.

As I have written about, Jackson's speech is delayed some.  I, personally, think we should take responsibility for it, based on his CRAZY 2nd year of life.  Others suggest that boys are slower with their verbal skills.  And others have encouraged me, that many children are in speech.  Regardless, we know he is behind and we want to address it before he gets into real school. 

Jackon and McKinley's new school is fantastic.  Jackson's teachers are patient and kind.  And they are trying their hardest to "figure Jackson out".  They suggested that we get his hearing checked "because sometimes it is like he really does not hear us at all when we are asking him to do something".  He does this to us sometimes too, we have never thought he did not hear, we thought he was just choosing to totally not listen to us.  But when they suggested it, I figured it would not hurt to get it checked out.  I seriously had the thought, "well McKinley has hearing problems.. maybe Craig and I just make kids that have hearing issues". 

We got a referral for the ENT group at Childrens.  I did not want to take him to McKinley's specialist, because he does not specialize in pediatrics and knowing Jackson's history with doctors offices, I really wanted more of an understanding group.  Thankfully, Craig had the day off, so all four of us went to Childrens together.  Craig and I had decided that we think part of Jackson's behavioral issues stem from me... meaning he can tell when I am stressed and he feeds off that.  Craig is just a waaaaay more laid back human being, so Jackson responds much better to situations with him.  SO, we decided that Craig would take him back to get the hearing test done, and then McKinley and I would join up with them for the results. 

We got there early, because the paperwork told us to.  And really, thats just the way I like to do things.  It ended up working out perfectly because Jackson and McKinley were able to play with (really clean, I am sure) toys, and really felted relaxed. 

The test ended up being quick.  And we found out that Jackson can absolutely 100% hear. 

A relief, yes.  So glad he can hear.  We can mark that off the list.  But now to get the child to listen to and respond, even if he doesnt want to.  :(  Sorry teachers, he is, in fact, totally ignoring you.....