Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When It Rains


An analogy that would have been pretty lost on all Oklahomans.. except this past weekend, we actually did get some pouring rain.  THANK THE LORD!  We needed it.

But this blog isnt actually about the water that falls from the sky...

Let me go over the past couple of weeks in the lives of the Smiths.

Sunday August 5th- 3 AM- Craig and I wake up, our house is 84 degrees.  People, I need to sleep with the house below 75 degrees for sure.  We check the breaker in the garage, it was still good.  We wash off the outside unit, Craig goes to Walmart and buys a new inside filter.  Nothing works.  We sweat.  Craig takes the kids to Honey and Papa's.  I wait for the air conditioner man.. anticipating that he is going to suck me dry of money.  He didnt.  Well.. not really $350 later, our house was cooling.  It was worth it.

Monday August 6th- Jackson and McKinley start their new school.  A friend from OBU, recommended a church daycare in Norman.  It is smaller and more laid back  (and less expensive).. and overall a MUCH better fit for our family.

Tuesday August 7th- After picking the kids up from school, Honey met us at our house to play because Papa was out of town.  We had eaten dinner and were preparing other meals for later in the week when I stuck my hand in a plugged in blender.  As a 31 year old, I got my first real stitches (that dont dissolve).  The injury never really hurt, who knows how many nerve endings I hurt in the process... but the anticipation of stitches almost made me die.

Thursday August 8th- I get home from work, McKinley had been very needy with her dad all day.  Very weepy and snuggly.  We had pizza for dinner, McKinley acted like she was choking, even though she had swallowed all of her food.  I gave her a bath and we were rocking in her room.  I decided to take her temperature.  102.5.  She was miserable.

Friday August 9th- Couldnt get McKinley in to see the doctor til the afternoon.  After she woke up from her nap, she had bumps all over her ankles.  We get to the doctor, they automatically can tell she has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.  Highly contagious.  She has bumps all over ankles and wrists and her tongue and top of her mouth.  Poor baby.

Thursday August 16th- Craig texted me that McKinley had gagged herself 3 times and made herself throw up.  (She does this.. its a bit dramatic and a bit Mommy's gag reflex).  Craig and I had a mini date night, where we went to dinner and he helped me drop off all my stuff at JBF.  We get home, Jackson was still awake.. he struggles to sleep if we are not home.  Craig puts him to bed, I was ready to go to sleep (the stress of my finger (seriously) had me exhausted).  Craig checks on McKinley, and she is sound asleep in dried throw up.  SICK.  We bathe her, change her sheets, clorox wipe everything down, get her back to sleep.  We fall asleep.  Jackson wakes up crying.  I go in and change his loose sick smelling diaper.  He wont stop crying, he does not want me to lay with him.  He lets Craig.  About an hour later, he has thrown up all in his bed.  Awesome.  2 weeks of school- 2 sicknesses.

Friday August 17th- I had to go by myself to get my stitches out.  Which I know for the rest of the world is not a big deal.  But I was pretty terrified.  Not so much of the process but of my reaction.  I had several people praying for me, and I did fine.  I did not even almost pass out. I was proud.  And the people at urgent care were impressed.  I know they think I am ridiculous (I can be).

Saturday August 18th/ Sunday August 19th- Kids were great during the day.  Did not eat much.  That night more yucky diapers, and hardly any sleep.  McKinley had us up every hour.  I am pretty sure we did not get more than 30 minutes of sleep consecutively.

Tuesday August 21st- Jackson's teachers at school think I need to get his hearing checked out.  They think he either ignores them totally sometimes (which I am pretty sure is accurate), or he cant hear very well.  I appreciate that they are trying to figure out Jackson (seriously).  A hearing issue would answer a lot of questions.. speech and some behavioral.  But we will see.  I made a call to the pedi and will get a referral to see an ENT at Childrens.

I am ready for a break.  And possible a 3 day nap.  But of course, that wont happen.  At this point I would just go for a night of uninterrupted sleep.  :)


Mike Keahbone said...

Man, I love you guys. Much Love!

coco said...

:( oh my! Poor Smiths! Hope things are looking up now.