Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let Me Tell You a Story...

Let me tell you a story.  Alot of times, I feel like I am not that far removed from college.  I still feel like we are still just as hilarious as we were at OBU.  I feel like we are just as fun.  I feel like we arent that old.  Sure alot of us are married and have children.. but we were JUST in college.  
Freshman- one of the first birthday celebrations.

The first "function" as sophomores, we thought we were SO cool since we werent freshman anymore. 

Carving pumpkins.  As you can see from this picture, I've never been the most artistic. 
We loved TWIRP dates.  And clearly we loved dressing up. 

Super cool sophomores.. retro skate I believe. 

Ribbon dancing.  We probably could have been in the Olympics. 
Hat Shop in San Diego. 

Another TWIRP date.  I am pretty sure that this is the date where the invitation was us dancing with brown paper bags on our heads.  So creative.  And seriously hysterical. 

Leslie's athletic birthday celebration.  We LOVED celebrating birthdays.

Our girls trip, our junior year.  In Vegas.  We definitely got kicked out of a casino.
On our senior cruise. 
And our senior TWIRP date.  Yes, Amanda has a banjo.  The rest of us played pots and pans. 
See... I mean I know that was almost 10 years ago.. but I still feel like it was yesterday.

But then days like yesterday happen.. I went with my sister in law to go to see my niece at OU.  She is an incoming freshman going through Rush.  We went to see her dorm room and as we were coming back down in the elevator with 10 other incoming freshman girls that I realized for sure.. that I am VERY far removed from college.  And am definitely OLD.   

My life now looks like:

But dont get me wrong.  We are still hilarious, fun and "cool" even in our old age.  :)


Leslie said...

I vividly remember that cowboy function at the barn AND carving those pumpkins! Such fun times! I think we might actually go out to The Walk a week from tonight just for kicks!

mgoff said...

OH MY!!! Great memories!

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

Whoa!!!! So hilarious!!!! Wow we look really young!!!!!!!

Kara M said...

Those pictures are hilarious! The fashion in them just shows how old we are!

jkbradford said...

I love this post!!!!!