Thursday, September 13, 2012

McKinley- Photo Dump

 I have recently discovered the joys of Instagram.. I had downloaded it to my phone ages ago and for whatever reason, it really did not work.  But I LOVE it.  Its like my favorite part about facebook.. without all the scrolling to find the pictures!  Love it! 

Ready for her first OU game day.. sure she was sound asleep when it kicked off at 9:30...
These are just random pictures of my sweet, personality filled little girl!  Not much of a story to go with the pictures.. just her sweetness. 
Is there really a better way to play with toys in a toy box, than INSIDE of the toy box?

Excited for bathtime...

She was super excited about her climbing skills, and the strength of her voice..

We went to the doctor this week to check on her ears, how she hasnt even broken the 17 lb mark, I have no clue...

Waiting on one of her boyfriends, Hutton to come over.

We love just the onesie look when we are staying at home for the day..

We sure love this baby girl!