Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shower In a Box

 I have mentioned before in the blog, my days at OBU.  They were some of THE most wonderful days!  I had always heard that you would make your life long friends in college, and I definitely did.  God blessed me with an INCREDIBLE group of friends.  We dont all live near each other anymore, but we all remain super close.  It is still super strange to me, that we have produced all these tiny people!

Our sweet friend, Leslie, lives in Nashville with her family.  Leslie, Mark and Jolie are expecting a new baby, Garrison.. very soon!  We could not all make the trip out to Nashville to throw Garrison the shower that he deserves, so we wanted to do something special.

All of us that live in OKC, got together and decided that he needed "A Shower in a Box".

I brought a box home from work, and spray painted it a light green color... because Garrison's shower deserved a fancier box than a brown box.  :)  We all brought his goodies.  And added some chocolate chip cookies and some strawberry lemonade mix.  We added some plates, napkins and cups, everything needed for a baby shower.  :) 

 Next we filled the box with blue, green and white balloons.
 And then alternated some blue and green streamers, so she will know its a party in a box.  :)
 Then closed up the box, and added some ribbon to make it look more present like. 
Its definitely not the same as getting together and celebrating.  But our hope was that Leslie and Garrison felt loved and celebrated!  We are thankful for our sweet friend.  And praying constantly for a healthy baby!!!