Thursday, July 19, 2012

Continuation of the Potty Training Saga

 Well.... potty training in the Smith household is going.  And actually going.... WELL! 
 I think that I put unrealistic expectations on Jackson.  I had heard of these kids who just "got it" in a couple of days.  And since I do LOVE instant gratification..and have basically zero patience (something I am not proud of), I thought, surely that my son would do just that.  "Ok, mom, you are ready for me to be potty trained, so I am too.  And I am going to catch on immediately."

When I realized that- Jackson is not wired like that.  At all.  And that it is going to be a slow process. One that is going to take alot of consistency and patience.  My expectations changed.  My attitude changed.  And you know what... for the most part, his did too!

We are still having accidents.  But we are having WAY more successes than accidents.  And he really wants to wear his big boy underwear.  Even at bed time and naps when we put him in a pull up.. he wants his underwear over it.  :) 
One day I will be able to report back, that we have got it.  Completely.  Thats not today, but we are ALOT closer now that I have more realistic expectations for my child.  Lesson learned (at least as far as potty training is concerned.)


Erin said...

Go, Jackson! And go you for changing your 'tude...something I seem to have to do ALL the stinking time. ;)