Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Weekend in Review

I have never really done a blog post on our weekends.  But I always enjoy reading other peoples reviews on their weekend. 

And I really have been determined to blog more- and continue to capture the moments that make our family.. our family.  I was talking to my mom last night on the phone.. Craig was on his way home from work, McKinley was in bed and Jackson was running LAPS around our pantry.  In our house, its a pretty open floor plan.. but the kitchen pantry is the only wall that separates the living room from the kitchen area.  When Jackson gets tired, he runs.  For a long time, in a circle around the pantry.  Its really funny.  I know when I am tired, the last thing on my mind is running.  But, we are guessing, its his way of fighting off sleep.  Anyway, mom and I were laughing at his little ritual over the phone, and I realized I never blogged that about him.  And in my mind, its important.  One day, when Jackson is married and his wife is trying to figure out why their kid is running laps before bedtime.. she will find it interesting to know her husband did just that thing.  (Well I hope she finds it interesting!)

Anyway, so alittle bit about our weekend. I really had high hopes for our weekend- ha!  We had several things planned, and I really felt like it was going to be a really fun weekend for everyone.  Friday night, we drove to Edmond to get Jackson's haircut.  Let me explain why we drove all the way for a hair cut.  Jackson has been known to lose his mind while getting his haircut.  Craig and I can not really figure out why- he has never had a bad experience.  Its not like he has been cut or anything like that.  It all started with his 2nd haircut.  I took him to my girl, and you would have thought we were killing him.  I vowed never to take him back to poor Stephanie.  Not because she didnt do a fabulous job, she did.  But because I know when I go to get my hair done, the last thing I want to hear is a SCREAMING child.  Never again.  Then Craig has taken him to Snip Its.. a kids only place a couple of times.  It was pretty hit or miss.  Basically he was either throwing a tremendous fit.. we are talking.. kicking the girl cutting her hair, biting Craig etc.  Or he was just plain livid.  Craig is a VERY patient person, he is very even tempered, and he has been FURIOUS at Jackson for how he has acted getting his hair cut. 

Well, we had gone as long as possible for his hair (the last hair cut was in February before his birthday party), a guy that I used to babysit for, has his own barbershop in his home.  He has a child, Jackson's age.  And he is super great.  I thought maybe that it would be a good place to try.  If he did cry, he wouldnt be bothering anyone.  When I spoke with Chuck, I did ask that he not judge my parenting if Jackson acted out.  My dad went with us, and we told Jackson that if he was good we would go get an ice cream cone afterwards.  Bribery at its finest.  He was SUPER pumped about the ice cream cone.  In fact, he said those words literally the entire time we drove to Chuck's house. 

Well... Chuck can officially judge my parenting.  It was MORE than bad.  In fact, I was sure that the police were going to show up, because the neighbors were going to call due to the amount of screaming.  I am not exaggerating.  Jackson was SCREAMING.. often times screaming "SIT STILL", which is what we were telling him.  Or screaming " IM OK".  He was beat red.  My dad had to take over holding on to him because I just did not have the strength to contain him.  Seriously RIDICULOUS!  I was beyond embarrassed.  But it got done.. and I paid poor Chuck FORTY DOLLARS to cut my THREE YEAR OLDS hair. 

To say I was mad, would be the understatement of the year.  I called Craig, he was getting off work.. and we decided that he had to have consequences for his actions.  And not just me "being mad".  Jackson's Uncle Kurt and Aunt Amy were going to take him to their AWESOME country club pool the next morning.  After discussing it thoroughly, we decided that Jackson wasnt going to be able to go swimming.  He would have SO much fun, and we really felt like it would be a reward.  We were not sure (and are still not sure) that he can associate why he couldnt go swimming.. but you can believe that we discussed it ALOT ALL weekend long.  :)  I also told him he would not be able to watch any of his shows all weekend.  Which ended up being easier to do, than I thought.  Our cable was out ALL day Saturday. 

After nap time on Saturday, our plan was to go up to Edmond.  My parents were going to watch the kids and Craig and I were going to go over to some new friend's house for dinner.  Well one of our friend's got really sick.. so we ended up staying in Newcastle.  The kids and I played ALOT and read alot and McKinley ate alot.. because that is what she does.  She eats CONSTANTLY.   When Craig got home.. I made a batch of waffles and a batch of chicken nuggets to freeze.  And we got some recipes ready for our "biggest loser" dinners.  (Craig's work is doing the Biggest Loser.. so I am participating as well.. just not officially)

On Sunday, the plan was for all of us to go to church together, before Craig had to go to work.  Well, Craig was not feeling well at all. So the kids and I made it to church, and Craig met us at Sunday School.  It took a while, but I got both kids to nap (this is a pretty easy task most days.. but Sundays mess them up).  We played and played and played.  McKinley has mastered the art of climbing.. which is pretty scary.  :)  And Jackson has mastered the art of remembering and repeating everything anyone has ever said, evidently.  He was taking all of McKinley's headbands off of the "trophy"  (aka jewlery holder we use for her headbands).  He was putting headbands on his sister (and maybe one on himself) and said "OH CRAP".  Clear as day.  We are still working on our speech, so we cant always understand everything he says.. but I am 100% positive that is what he said.

So that was our weekend... we hate haircuts and pioneer cable. we love climbing and eating.  and clearly we need to start watching our mouths.  How was yours?