Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snotty Sunday

 Sunday, we had to stay home from church.  McKinley had run a slight fever Friday and Saturday.  And then the snot started freely flowing on Saturday and Sunday.  I really think that it is mainly just the teeth cutting that is happening in her mouth, maybe mixed with a bit of allergies.  Regardless, we felt like other parents at church might be freaked out to see a baby, like McKinley in the nursery.  I know I would. 
 So, instead we got to have some family of four time before Craig had to go to work.  Craig and Jackson ran and got a few things at the store, and picked up the bouncy house that we ordered for McKinley's birthday party (and probably every event until it breaks or the kids are too big). 
We moved all the furniture in the living room out of the way and blew it up.  The kids were both SO excited.  McKinley is really too small for it, but we figured with it being just Jackson she was fine.  She squealed the whole time she was in it.  And Jackson just thought it was so great that it was IN THE HOUSE.  :)

We had a fun morning!