Monday, June 11, 2012

Saturday with Honey and Papa

 On Saturday, my parents came over to give me my early birthday present!  I do not have a green thumb, but I am thinking that I want to try more these days.  My parents have always had a beautiful yard, and I havent.  Basically because I dont know what I need or what I like.  What I do know is that I HATED the flower bed under McKinley's window that had these horrible evergreen type plants.  Im sure the builder put them in because they are cheap.  But I have never liked them.  There were so many weeds in that flower bed, because the evergreens were prickly, and I did not like getting pricked.  :)  Since we are wanting to eventually sell our house in Newcastle, we knew this was a necessity.  And plus, I really want to enjoy a pretty flowerbed before we do move.  All that to say, my parents came over and did the transformation on Saturday.  The kids were so excited that Honey and Papa came over.  McKinley spent her time in her exersaucer on the front porch, and loved EVERY minute.  Which is shocking, because she normally does not love it. 
 Jackson LOVES watermelon.  I bought one on Friday, because I figured it would be the perfect treat, since I knew we would be outside working.  He was in heaven.  I believe I went back in the house to refill his watermelon THREE times during our 2 hours outside.  He LOVED it. 
 We set up his pool with his small slide in the front yard, so he could be with Honey and Papa.  I knew that there was NO way, that he would stay inside with them outside.  We live near a pretty busy highway so playing in the front yard always makes me nervous.... but he had such a good time. I TOTALLY forgot to put sunscreen on his face, I am not really even sure what I was thinking, since he is so pale.  But his sweet little cheeks got pretty red... I am sure he was thinking "way to go mom!"

My flower beds look great, and I am determined to keep them looking that way!  I will do a post on the before and after soon.  Thanks Mom and Dad for such a FUN birthday gift!!!  We love you!


Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

oooh how NICE!!! Yes please do post before and after pictures!!!

Dara Steward said...

Yes! I want to see pictures of your new flower beds!