Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Day of School

 Jackson and McKinley started a new school this week.  Since Jackson was about 2, we have had private babysitters watch Jackson and McKinley.  One of our babysitters is an OU college student who arranged her schedule so that she could watch our kids twice a week.  Understanding that that was really not going to be feasible every semester, and taking into account the pediatrician suggest Jackson should spend more time with kids his age, I decided to find a school that they could both go to.  The problem is that I cant really do a traditional Mothers Day Out program because the hours just wont work with my work day.  I found a church in Norman that has a preschool, it happens to be RIGHT by my work, and although it seems to be EXPENSIVE.. it is what is most convenient for us at the time.  Jackson is going on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  And McKinley is just going on Tuesdays. 
 The hardest part of day one, was the beginning when I had not filled out all the required paperwork completely.  I didnt realize I needed to specify when to put on diaper rash creme... Thankfully, Craig was able to go with me so he was able to help with the kids.  We first went to drop off McKinley, she immediately saw a little boy (who was able to walk), she leaned out of my arms and went straight to that little boy and tried to pull up on him.  No tears.  We went to drop of Jackson (we were a bit more nervous about his reaction).  But we were pleasantly surprised, he walked straight in and went to play with the toys.  Needless to say, we did not even stick around to talk to his teachers.  We did not want to give him the opportunity to change his mind about being happy. 
I thought about them ALL day long.  I am used to leaving my kids with people who actually love them.  And then I was leaving them with complete strangers.  Just a strange feeling.  When I picked up McKinley, they told me she did not cry ALL DAY.  She loved that little boy that she went to first thing that morning.  Another little boy was super sad when she left and cried.  She had a great day, but hardly napped.  She slept GREAT last night.  I was most concerned with Jackson's obedience.  The first question his teacher asked me was " has Jackson been in daycare before?"  I told her no, and she said thats what they figured.  :)  It was time to play cars, and Jackson kept wanting to play in the kitchen.  Today, she said anytime she wanted him to sit down, he would want to stand up and move around the room.  And when it was play time, he wanted to sit down.  He always has been pretty independent, but I think this will be a really good experience for him.  I think the structure of school will be really really good for him.  He has taken naps both days. 

They had a good first week of school.  I think I will like it.  I hope I love it.  I need to love it, as much money as we are spending on it.  But more importantly, I really hope that it is a good experience for Jackson and McKinley.  Like I told my mom, I want Jackson to get used to following directions from people other than his family, before parent teacher conferences are involved.  :)


mgoff said...

Daisy's preschool has parent/teacher conferences, so you might already be there!!!!! I think you will love it, especially as you see what they will learn. Daisy came home yesterday spelling her name and talking about metamorphosis!!!!

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

Sounds like it will be a great thing!!