Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Fascination

Jackson has a new fascination with his sisters room.  If he wakes up from his nap before her, he anxiously waits for her to wake up.  As soon as he hears anything from her, he runs into her room and climbs into bed with her.  He tried to get her to "lay down" and cover them both up.  Pretty ironic, Craig and I try to get Jackson to do the same thing, and he acts just like his sister.  No time to snuggle.  Well, Saturday night, Jackson slept horribly because of his poor sunburned cheeks.  So Sunday, he was exhausted.  He brought every stuffed animal and every blanket he could find, into his sisters room.  This is how we found him.   
 Later, I heard him talking, and I walked in to find this.  He was checking himself out in the mirror making silly faces, dancing, and singing.  He is SO funny.  He LOVES to look at himself. Of course, I had to take a picture for documentation. 
 He continued to check himself out, even though he knew I had caught him.  I sure love this little boy! 


Erin said...

How funny and cute!