Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

On February 21, 2009- Jackson Ward made me a mommy!
And then on June 21, 2011- McKinley Beth made me a mommy again!

Today, Jackson and McKinley made my Mothers Day special.  Craig let me sleep in while he watched the kids.  I had told Craig that I didnt want anything for Mothers Day (I already had set an appointment to get my hair done.... as you can see I am in DESPERATE need of), but I would REALLY love to sleep.  And then I would love for him to make us egg sandwiches for breakfast.  Soo thats what we did.  It was perfect.  The kids were in sweet sweet moods, so we had lots of snuggles.  In the evening, my parents and my brother and sister in law came over for dinner.  I am so so so thankful for my Jackson and McKinley!  What blessings they are!