Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mobile McKinley

 Sweet McKinley Beth has mastered the crawl.  She prefers the carpet, but has figured out the tile.  She is pretty speedy on the carpet.  And she gets more up on her toes on the tile.  But evidently crawling is not effecient enough for her.  Or maybe, she is just not satisfied because that is not the way the rest of her family gets around. 
 The girl wants to WALK. 
 And she is DETERMINED to do so.  She gets this precious little face when is ready to go.  She honestly believes that she can walk.  She will pull up on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and then turn, take her hands off and try to go.  She is definitely not stable enough to stand on her own, let alone, walk.  :)  But, I really think it wont be long.. since she is so focused. 
 Like I told my mom, I dont want to rush her in growing up.  But she is so impatient and gets so furious if she is not "walking", that I want for her to be able to figure it out.  So, when I was shopping the 25% off sale at the latest JBF sale.. I found this walker for $8.  I just felt like I could not pass it up. I thought maybe it would help her and her frustrations.  Clearly, she is unsure of it. 
 Really, I think she thinks that it just gets in her way of her goal.
This is her preferred method of mobility.  And believe me.. this girl can MOVE.  :)


mgoff said...

She is adorable!